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    Following the review of the previous cordless power tools, direct mail provides considerable feedback. This power tool purchase guide is a 18V20V cordless hand drill (without impact function). Under normal circumstances, the torque of foreign mainstream brands and domestic high-end brands 18V20V cordless hand drills (without impact function) will generally reach 45-60, far exceeding the performance of ordinary 10.8v, max12v, so this topic is mainly aimed at this Type of.

    Power Tools Selection Guide ...

    1. Purchase Guide Preface
    In the investigation, it was found that there are many 18V20V cordless hand drills (without impact function) at home and abroad with a torque of less than 28 nm. The battery type also mainly includes nickel-chromium, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium battery. A survey of this type of product found that there are still many consumer purchases that have a certain market share. Therefore, this type of low torque 18V20V cordless hand drill (without impact function) is also programmed. And each grade will be involved.

    According to the characteristics of specific power tools, and what are some of the purchase principles worth buying, this article will use a typical product (with a certain sales volume) that introduces the mainstream power tool brands in the industry, and has a certain number of evaluations in Meiya, Deya or Jingdong. In the introduction of the basic performance, join the evaluation of the major websites, and the choice of evaluation is poorly rated, which helps us understand the shortcomings of the product. In the English part, I will objectively analyze and add comments according to the evaluation content. Because the emergence of bad reviews is an important judgment of the product. And praise will be explained in the statement.

    This method can also solve the problem that the recommended products will not be purchased in a certain degree. The analysis of such industry-wide products is quite difficult, and various difficulties and limitations will arise. I hope that everyone will be objectively feedback and tolerant. I try to ensure objective comments. In addition, this type of purchase guide is not a product horizontal evaluation, which is different.

    Regarding the matching of nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lithium battery, the choice of the transformer, the convenience of cordless, I have said many times before, I hope everyone can read the text. Such questions will be guided in due course in the future. There are also brushless electric drills, which will be involved after brushing the electric drill. The 18V20V cordless hand drill (without impact function) may be similar to the price of a hammer drill, so these require specific options.


    2. Basic knowledge reserve

    (1) Description of the specific gear torque:

    Specific torque test, which requires specific testing in practice, only a dedicated tester can be used. Therefore, the product will provide the maximum torque in most cases. Therefore, it is recommended that you start from the low gear to find the torque suitable for the screw you are screwing. Do not use the highest gear at the beginning, because it is very likely that the screw is broken or the arm is sprained.

    (2) The meaning of the drill torque setting 15+1:

    Many cordless drills include 15+1, 18+1, etc. Probably refers to the basic average distance of the first 15 gears (adjusting the angle of rotation), and the tripping torque is gradually increased. The last +1 gear is the maximum torque. Generally, the angle of rotation of this gear is larger than the previous one. The purpose is that it is not easy to disengage when riding the maximum torque.

    (3) About the metric torque conversion system:

    Torque probably means that the force in the vertical direction is multiplied by the distance from the center of rotation. The metric unit is Newton meters (N·m). After dividing by the acceleration of gravity by 9.8 m/s, the unit can be converted into metric kilograms per meter (kg· m). The imperial unit is lb·ft (lb. ft).

    For example -1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 lb = 453.6 g

    So 1 in-lbs = 1.152 kgf-cm = 0.113 n-m

    The basic conversion is shown in the figure below.

    Strictly speaking, 1lb-in=0.11291797923Nm, but in general, for the convenience of calculation, 1lb-in=0.113nm

    (4) Other types of torque conversion instructions

    There is also a type of electric drill that does not identify lb-in, but wattage, calculated as follows:

    T=9550P/n, T is the torque, the unit is N·m, P is the output power, the unit is KW, and n is the motor speed, the unit is r/min.

    The above formula is for many wattage-sized drills.


    3. Basic model purchase

    In the basic type of purchase, there will be a large number of domestic brands. The internal gap between domestic brands is still quite obvious. However, due to the incompleteness of product serialization, for example, Dongcheng has only 18v wrenches or impact drills, but no hand drills. This will be explained in detail below. At the same time, there are many low-end products from foreign brands. The summary here is as follows:

    The Genesis brand is native to the United States and is a basic 18V product. Support direct mail domestic, with rubber handle, plastic body, providing 16 gear. Illuminated, speed 0-550 RPM, maximum clamping 3/8 caliber, which is less than 10mm.

    This lithium drill is a domestic manufacturer of Dixie brand. Double gear, 0-350 and 0-1250 speed, the chuck diameter is 10mm, not up to 13mm. Torque 20-30nm. 18+1 torque, positive and negative switch, with battery display.

    If Jingdong specials to 300, it is recommended.

    This Beijing-selected electric drill uses a 600ma nickel-cadmium battery. The price is relatively affordable, charging time 3-5 hours, speed 0-550rpm. The chuck is still 10mm.


    Students who want lithium battery cannot watch, but this is to say that the torque of 30nm, has exceeded the Bosch 1080 10.8 28nm. If you cut the price to 200, it will be very cost-effective, suitable for users who are not used frequently.

    Basic cordless hand drill summary:

    Most are chucks within 10mm. Whether it is lithium or nickel chrome, it reflects the limitations of this grade. In addition, the torque is not ideal and does not pull open and a distance of 28.8v 28nm. But usually the fly is very affordable, this type is very suitable for the use of low intensity. Use a low-frequency friend. Some of the support for direct mail in Meiya is even more worthy of recommendation. If the domestic part participates in the Jingdong 29 extended warranty for two years, it will be very cost-effective. There is no need to entangle in extreme performance, and some of the operational convenience of large volume is good.

    4. Mainstream model purchase
    The mainstream purchase is mainly based on price and general performance and technology. Some look very expensive, but in fact they are often special, and the sellers are different, the price is very different, so you can find more.

    For this type of 18V20V cordless hand drill (without impact function), a 13mm chuck is required, which is 1/2 size. And the performance of the battery and the entire fuselage have higher requirements, is also the most sold, the most commented products. That is the mainstream product. The basic characteristics of led, etc., reversal, reaming of metal clinker wood are not separately mentioned.

    This PORTER-CABLE lithium drill is native to China and requires only 79 knives for a single battery. Speed 0-400/0-1, 600 RPM, including two-speed adjustment, battery capacity 1.5amp. The 330-watt power guarantees basic functionality. But there is no 380w high for the god drill.

    This is the Dewei 18v hand drill, with a lithium battery. It has been said that Dewei 18v nickel cadmium and lithium battery are common. 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit, 0-500/0-1, 700 rpm, 13mm chuck, lightweight design, 17-position adjustment are very mainstream. Three-year limited warranty, made in Mexico.

    This MakitaXFD01 electric drill, 0-400/0-1,500 RPM mainstream speed, dual lithium battery configuration, short-distance lightweight design, very suitable for human-machine control, high-tech battery and charger, are designed capabilities reflect. The torque is close to 50nm, which is very good.


    This product belongs to Hitachi's sales volume is relatively large. The battery capacity of 3.0ah is large. From the comments of the United States and Asia, there are problems with the charger, there are preparations for changing dewalt, there is disappointing use, these are a few because the five-star evaluation of the four-star rating is the mainstream. Recommended for valuers who love large capacity batteries and high torque.

    This Panasonic electric drill is not 18v, it is more beautiful than 15.6v, but there is direct support with direct mail, performance is also good, so compiled. Lightweight design, 2.8ah high-capacity battery, 40nm torque, 65-450/200-1450 double-speed drilling speed, basically reached the mainstream 18v hand drill.

    This Mai Tai Bao hand drill is one of the main products of the German Mai Tai Bao, using an 18v lithium battery, 0-450 and 0-1650 speed, 13mm chuck, 48nm torque is not bad.

    If you like German design and need new electronic speed control, you can consider this paragraph. Since the price of Meiya is similar to that of China, you can directly use the link of the Mai Tai Bao Tmall flagship store. A rare product that is similar to the US price. Very recommendable. Mai Taibao is trustworthy.

    The Milwaukee M18 lithium drill is an excellent product, but there are some problems. 13mm chuck. 0-350/0-1, 400 rpm has a slightly lower speed. 41nm torque. Both are mainstream performance. Bare metal is only 54, does not support direct mail, but the third party is so cheap.

    Summary of the main popular purchase:

    Under normal circumstances, there will usually be more than 40nm torque and 13mm chuck, the speed is up to 1400rpm. It is convenient to use, and quality is much more than the basic type. It is the mainstream product for sale. When you buy more, you can compare them. You can add this battery with a single machine.

    5. Professional model purchase
    The professional type of purchase focuses on the following points, a special high performance, new technology, excellent manufacturing quality, and high price. The products here are more than mainstream products, and brand positioning is somewhat higher. However, it requires a relatively high purchase cost.

    Bosch's 18v lithium drill is made in Malaysia and has only 159 knives. 1.5 Ah*2, 0-500 RPM and 0-1,700 RPM. 61nm torque, 18+1 adjustment, the three-year warranty is ideal.


    6. Comprehensive purchase suggestions

    A typical electric drill is described in detail above. That value a friend should choose.

    (1) Ordinary users.

    If you care about the price, and will not Haitao, please choose the domestic basic type. Special price is good.

    If you want to experience Haitao, please choose the basic type of direct mail in China.

    However, it is important to note that the basic 10 mm chuck. The torque is not too big. Pay attention to your own use environment.

    (2) Home improvement users.

    This part of the user wants to get the mainstream product, so the basic type is not suitable.

    In addition to the Mai Tai Bao, it is recommended that Haitao, after all, the difference is larger. Which one do you like to buy, the advantages and disadvantages have been said in more detail.

    (3) Professional users.

    The profession here is not only the use of environmental professional, but also the electric drill itself, or the students who pursue high-quality electric drills.

    There are not many choices. If you have a large torque, you can choose more than 60nm. If you focus on the brand, then Festo and overtones, or you like.

    If the domestic brand, please see Wicks, 55nm nominal, very good.


    Simple use, change a life.

    The next part will introduce - "Power Tools Selection Guide 18V20V Cordless Impact Drill"

    This is my next handheld device.

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