• Black Color CRAFTSMAN Power Tool Battery Replacement

    Black Color CRAFTSMAN Power Tool Battery Replacement

    Regular Price: 39.99$
    Latest Price:    34.99$

    Black Color CRAFTSMAN Power Tool Battery Summary

    • New  8.4V 2.2AH Black
    • Color: Black
    • Models:981862-001
    • Battery--GP NIMH cells-TB3022G.23H
    • Power tool Models:937.11131
    • This battery is made of  high-quality materials
    • Compatible with original manufacturer equipment
    • Integrated microchip prevents overcharging and extends battery life
    • One-year warranty, rest assured to buy!
    Black Color CRAFTSMAN Power Tool Battery Product Description

    New high-quality rechargeable replacement battery (GP). This battery works with the original IEC charger that supports NIMH Chemistry. Please feel free to contact us to confirm your charger compatibility. All the Power Tool batteries from all-battery.com have a life of about 500 cycles under IEC use condition. The batteries should retain 80% of the nominal capacity after 300 cycles of accelerated charging and discharging according to IEC 61436 Standard b) All the batteries should be free of deformation, leaks, cracks, scars, breakage, rust, discoloration - 6-month WARRANTY c) One year quality warrant against workmanship and material defect and half year on nominal capacity d) Guarantees that all the batteries meet the quality requirement including nominal capacity, dimension accuracy, and free of leak and other defects during the normal life of a battery. f) Guarantees that all Power Tool Batteries are built by super quality SANYO, PANASONIC or GP CELLS.


    1. It must be fully charged before first use.
    2. The battery is stored in a cold, dry place.
    3. Do not separate, stretch and collide.
    4. Do not put the battery in the water and the stove.
    5. Keep away from children.

     Packaging includes:

    1 piece Masione 8.4 volt battery

    The most useful product review for this item, on the USA

    "I purchased a pair of these and they arrived just before leaving town for work for five weeks. I was happy they arrived when they did as I needed them on site. 

    One of the batteries was fine. The other would read 'fully charged' moments 

    Now trying to charge it. Now that I've FINALLY returned home, I began to log in to my Amazon account for the return/warranty process, and I'm told that it cannot be returned as it is ALREADY a week past the returns Window! 

    Not impressed. 

    After reaching out via phone to AMAZON, they offered to extend the return window and have accepted the returned battery. I'm awaiting the replacement. Good service on AMAZON's part, but the product is still questionable. I'm Upgrade my rating slightly. Depending on the quality of the replacement, I may again."

    9 people found this review useful.

    "Sorry never wrote a review. This item works great. Had for quite a while and still working."

    "Sure wish I could give zero stars. I'm pretty sure there are just a few mice running around in a wheel in this thing. They finally died today...it's only two months old. Lack of food and water? I don't Thanks for taking my $40 dollars and filling me with sadness in return."

    14 people found this helpful.

    "Sent this back this is poor quality, never charged from the beginning."

    "Not a long period of use, but has worked as well or better than the original Sears battery that came with my drill. 
    Holds charger longer than the original battery even when the latter was new. Has full power."

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