• Toyota Airbag Bosch Automotive Recall List

    Toyota Airbag Bosch Automotive Recall List

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    Bosch Automotive Electronics Division's new plant in Wujin, Changzhou was officially put into use. This is its second production base in China. The division established its first factory in China in Suzhou in 2006.

    The total construction area of Wujin New Factory is 34,000 square meters. Bosch plans to invest 800 million yuan by 2019 and has more than 1,300 employees. The plant will produce five major categories of automotive airbag sensors, cameras, and radar sensors. The annual production capacity of its electronic control unit (ECU) will reach 41 million in three years.

    Bosch began planning to build the Wujin factory in November 2015. Gao Yanyun, vice president of production at Bosch Automotive Electronics China, explained that the decision was based on a 20% year-on-year sales growth of the division in the Chinese market, which has exceeded the capacity expansion of the Suzhou plant. He revealed that the production capacity of the Suzhou production base last year was close to 80 million, and this year will exceed 100 million, but the potential for tapping potential is limited. Klaus Meder, global president of the Automotive Electronics Division of the Bosch Group, told the interface journalist that in 2016 the annual sales of the division in China increased by 26% year-on-year. This year, China’s car sales reached 28 million units, ranking the first in the world for eight consecutive years.

    Chen Yudong, president of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said that he will plan to build a production base in Changzhou with the goal of an industrial 4.0 model plant. Gao Yanyun said that it will comprehensively consider whether hardware transformation can produce expected benefits, whether it can establish technological leadership and other factors so that the factory can gradually achieve the vision of Industry 4.0. As the first step of the plan, the Wujin production base will be the first to achieve paperless operation through digital document management. At the same time, the surface mount technology production line adopts the independent material transportation scheme to realize the independent material and automatic material transportation.

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