• Funky Cool Skull And Spike design Plain Leather Dog Collar

    Funky Cool Skull And Spike design Plain Leather Dog Collar

    Price : 13.99$

    My family lives in two hairy children, all of them are little girls, who are fluffy and cute. Every day around me, I am full of love. This is their photo.
    That's right, two little Keji, two little Keji.

    Keji Meng Meng is cute, but the hair loss is really exaggerated. In the legend, Keji lost twice a year, and lasted for half a year. However, I want to tell you that this is true! They are not ruined all the time, and Keji's double bottom hair, a layer of fluffy bristles, the penetration of this layer of bristles is very strong, the fiber gap in the fabric sofa of the home has been densely covered with hair and Unable to take it out.

    Their collars are also true. We have used countless kinds of collars on the market. Each one is covered with dense hair after a period of use. It needs to use various hair removal tools to pull the hair off the collar, and the fabric collar is more dirty and dirty. After that, I still can't throw it into the washing machine. I can only wash it by hand. I am such a lazy person. I often don't wash it once every six months. I am dirty and change it directly...

    For these reasons, I have always wanted to change the leather collar for the child, but I have been collecting it on a treasure for many years and found that the leather collar is like this:

    This kind of belt buckle is very troublesome for me. At least two dogs with two hot and short dogs go down and bend every day. Imagine squatting at the door to bring them collars. First, grab the dog and put the collar close to the neck. Go to a hole, find the right hole and insert it, then let the hole out and fix the end to the other ring. This series of actions has to be done again in the end of the dog, really tired. I have used one or two such collars of cloth buckles before, and I have been obsessed with this type of collar at the fastest speed. Therefore, it is unacceptable to replace them with such leather collars.

    I want a collar like this.
    This kind of buckle collar, but this kind of buckle leather collar on a treasure is really rare, and very ugly, it is this kind of black not to look at the autumn is to use for the large bulldog (actually this is for small dogs) ), totally not suitable for my little public!

    This problem has been entangled with me for many years. From time to time, I searched the Internet for a suitable new payment circle, but I was disappointed every time. . .

    Until the beginning of this year, I saw a friend's own DIY leather wallet, quickly considered the possibility of doing a dog collar, but my friend is also a junior DIYer, asked her some questions can not be answered completely, I decided to return The home is pondering.

    The first is to choose the leather material. I chose a long time raw leather and belt material on a treasure. It is like this.

    This kind of belt material has a big problem for me. First, I don't know how strong it is and whether it can be stressed. The second is no color, I have to buy pigments to dye. Third, I can't stand this open-ended leather edge. I must have a rounded edge. If I want to seal this edge, I don’t think it’s enough to buy any oil-edge machine. Professional skills can be done well. This information is the summaries of the time when I became a swimmer. So I retired and bought the formed belt directly.

    I have chosen the following two belts for a long time.
    I bought the two colors in the picture above. I bought the red in the middle. I love super color, the width is 2.5cm, this width is right for me, the price is more suitable.

    Then, some tools were prepared.
    In this pile of tools, left from the utility knife, hammer, needle-nosed pliers, screwdriver, glue, punch, sewing box, lighter. In addition to the bottle of red glue is now bought, the punch that punches the belt is bought by the belt, the rest are the existing ones of my family, the template used to make the pad is the remaining floor of the home decoration.

    In addition, in fact, the place I am most embarrassed is in the accessories. As I said before, my friend is a junior leather DIYer. The guidance that can be given is very limited. Everything depends on myself. I have probably used something in my dog ​​collar. A collar needs a set of sockets. A D-ring, a day ring, a shackle, and at least 4 rivets. But what kind of good and easy to use these things? I really don't know, so I can only slowly search on a certain treasure, see the good-looking ones to buy, these things seem to be inexpensive, are single-digit prices, but after buying dozens of mess, the price It has also become very expensive.

    I bought a bunch of D-rings.

    All of the above paper boxes are all kinds of accessories I bought, and I spent a lot of money.

    Because I have to do two sets of collars of different colors, so I also bought two different colors, a light gold, a bronze color, sometimes in order to buy both colors in one store. I have been looking for a long time, I really want to save a few postage.
    This is the basic thing of a dog collar. At first, I bought an all-metal buckle. Later, I found that this kind of buckle is too difficult to use. It is just like the goods, and I can shake it if I shake it, so I will re-open it. I bought the half-metal half-necked buckle at the top of the screen. It turns out that the buckle is very easy to use and very strong.

    After the accessories, belts and tools were all in place, I started to make the whole process. I used to have a look at the whole process of the production. How to cut the belt, how to play the hole, in order not to waste, the belt I bought is ok. Oh, I bought two. If it is wrong, but there is no candidate material, you must not make a mistake.
    After a belt is divided into two, because I want to wear a Japanese word buckle, I can only thin one side, otherwise the leather is too thick to really wear. In the process of cutting the skin, I think this so-called leather belt should not be leather or pressed leather. In fact, I can not tell, what.
    The day is long
    After half thinning, pass through the middle of the buckle and stitch it with needlework. Here I think it is the most difficult part, because the leather is very dense, it takes a lot of effort to wear the needle, and the needle-nosed pliers are used here. After a few stitches, my needle was sacrificed. Later, I changed the special leather needle, which was thicker and the buttocks were bigger and better. For the line, use a normal nylon thread.
    Wear the effect of the Japanese word buckle
    Because I did it while thinking, so I went back and forth to disassemble and install it several times. In fact, the two holes below can be played first.
    Beat the hole.
    Pass the hole through the end of the buckle and tighten with a screw rivet.
    I made another hole in the middle of the belt and installed this "monk head" for later hanging dog dog bells.
    This kind of buckle is really too difficult to use and is thrown away.
    At the end of the day, the part of the collar has been completed, and then a traction rope is needed.

    Don't look at me, I wrote it very quickly. In fact, the first collar has been done for several days. After disassembling and assembling, I will be proficient at the back. When I get to the traction rope, I don’t have to use any more brains. I can directly punch holes and fix the buttons. .
    However, self-confidence is prone to danger. When I make a leash, I unfortunately cut two fingers. Fortunately, the wound is not deep and the work can continue.
    After doing this, my friend reminded me that all the screw rivets should be glued, so that it is not easy to loosen, so I unscrew all the screws and apply the screw glue again.

    Below is the model show time.
    How do you feel that the small public is immediately becoming noble and quiet?

    In fact, this handmade dog collar is just like an assembly work, but the time spent, the effort and the meter has been a lot. After I finished, my wallet and my hand were greatly hurt, but the things I got were I really like it.
    Finally, put a photo "Guide Dogs and Their Owners" to pay tribute to the craftsmen. If you want to give your dog DIY such a collar, welcome to discuss it.

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