• Fast Startup Car HID Ballasts Set Black & Silver & Red

    Fast Startup Car HID Ballasts Set Black & Silver & Red

    Fast Startup Car HID Ballasts Set Black & Silver & Red

    Price: 19.99$

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    The product contains: a stable DC ballast

    1. Output power- 35W±1W

    2. Input 13.2V, input current during cold start- Less than 6.5A

    3. Input 13.2V, input current during hot start- Less than 6.0A

    4. Stable current when inputting- 12V 3.2-3.6A

    5. Output voltage- AC85V±10V

    6. Brightness at 1-second cold start- More than 20% of rated brightness

    7. Brightness at 4 seconds of a cold start- More than 80% of rated brightness

    8. Light flashes- Steady state without flicker

    9. Output open circuit protection- Automatically cut off within 1 second

    10. Output short circuit protection- Automatically cut off within 1 second

    11. Input Undervoltage protection- Less than 8.0V off- More than 9.0V

    12. Input overvoltage protection- More than 18.0V off- Less than 16.0V

    13. Cold start stabilization time- 8~20S

    14.25 degree environment machine temperature rise- Less than 60 ° C

    15.80 degree environment machine temperature rise- Less than 100 ° C

    16.90-degree environment work for eight hours- No abnormality

    18. Switch life test DC12V power supply- Continuous switch 100,000 times, normal

    19. Waterproof test- Put it in the water for eight hours, normal

    2. Product design advantages:

    1. Product shape and style

    All self-opening design, different from the market

    2. Product design

    Only do all-digital AC dual board with a CPU decoding function

    3. Shape design

    Lightweight, thin, easy to install, and light to export.

    4. Scheme design

    Automatically recognizes various medium models

    3. Quality assurance:

    1. The product is the first to pass the European E-mark certification and the US DOT certification.

    German TUV certification, international ISO9001 quality system certification.

    2. Complete protection: input undervoltage protection, load short circuit protection, load open circuit protection, load overvoltage protection.

    HID definition

      High-intensity Discharge refers to a high-pressure gas discharge lamp filled with an inert gas mixture including helium gas, and a filament without a halogen lamp referred to as an HID xenon lamp, which may be called a heavy metal lamp or helium gas. The lamp, which emits light by an actuator and an electronic ballast, forms an arc between the two electrodes and emits light.

       Principle: The principle of xenon lamp illumination is filled in a UV-cut anti-ultraviolet crystal quartz glass tube with a variety of chemical gases, most of which are Xenon and iodide, and then through the booster (Ballast). The DC voltage of 12 volts on the vehicle is instantaneously boosted to a voltage of 23,000 volts. The high-pressure amplitude is used to excite the helium electrons in the quartz tube to generate a light source between the two electrodes. This is called gas discharge. The white strong arc light generated by helium can increase the color temperature of the light, similar to the white light of the day. The current required for HID operation is the only 3.5A, the brightness is three times that of the traditional halogen bulb, and the service life is longer than the traditional halogen. The bulb is 10 times longer.

    HID advantages

    Advantage 1: High energy-saving, the average power consumption of ordinary halogen lamps is in the range of 60-70W, while the HID xenon lamp only needs 35W, and the power is only half of the halogen lamps, which obviously reduces the burden on the vehicle power system. Energy saving is really fuel-efficient.

    Advantage 2: High service life, the general halogen lamp has a service life of about 200H due to the uncertainty of the tungsten wire. HID is illuminated by the principle of high-intensity gas discharge, and the life constraint of the traditional tungsten ribbon is farewell. More than 3000H. Please refer to the working principle of lamps and xenon lamps for this knowledge.

    Advantage 3: High urgency, halogen lamp such as tungsten wire blown, high temperature cracking and other faults, the lights are extinguished immediately, and the failure of the xenon lamp will not extinguish the lights in an instant, but gradually change The dark mode is extinguished, allowing the driver to get more time to take emergency measures in the night driving.

    Advantage 4: High brightness The general halogen light flux is only 1000 LM degrees. The luminous flux of the xenon lamp is more than 3 times that of the halogen lamp, reaching 3200 LM. Therefore, the xenon lamp has a relatively high light intensity, which makes the driver less likely to drive fatigue at night. More effective to improve the visual range in front of the driving.

    Advantage 5: High waterproof, dustproof, high temperature, aging and dustproof. After normal temperature fire more than 100,000 times is not bad (5S on and off); high temperature 80 °C aging for more than 24 hours is not bad; soaking water for more than 24 hours is not bad

    Advantage 6: High adaptability, the current production of HID has different adaptation models according to different models, please refer to the Xenon lamp model and model comparison table.

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