• Mini Lighting Projector Starry Star Style Blue & Black

    Mini Lighting Projector Starry Star Style Blue & Black

    Mini Lighting Projector Starry Star Style Blue & Black

    Price: 38.53$

    The entry of miniature projectors into the home is becoming a trend. But how can you buy a compact pico projector for a family that doesn't know much about pico projectors? Really need to know some knowledge about the microprojector, Xiaobian here to give you some thoughts, you can call: buy a home micro projector has seven points to know.

    First, the clear use of home pico projectors

    The same as the home micro-projector, but the focus of different uses, mainly: home theater projectors, home portable multi-function projectors, mobile phone companion projectors, cinema, and preschool one micro-projector. For example, the Meigao G20 home micro projector supports 4K ultra clear, supports 3D and 2D to 3D, mainly used for home theater to watch movies; Meco M3 pico projector is a portable multi-function micro projector, portable for business, parties, entertainment, preschool, and many other occasions; Meco G6X pico projector supports Apple and Android mobile phone large screen sharing use, Meco G6 micro projector is specially used for Apple mobile phone, Meco G20 touch writing micro projector can Use for home theater and preschool education, reading, graffiti, painting, etc.

    Second, clear the brightness index of the home pico projector

    In 2018, the brightness of the pico projector has been greatly improved. As far as the current usage is concerned, it is better to choose a micro projector with a lumen of 1000 lumens or more as a miniature projector for home theater. This brightness is currently achieved by the pico projector. The highest brightness can create an enjoyable home theater; choose a home micro-projector that can be carried in a pocket, the highest brightness that can be achieved at present is about 300 lumens, business and entertainment are very practical; mobile micro-projector is best to achieve 200 lumens practical and practical micro projector.

    Third, understand the contrast index of the home pico projector

    The contrast of the pico projector is simply the contrast between the brightest and darkest images projected by the projector; the white point is the ratio of the brightness of the projected white and black images, that is, the gradient from black to white. Under normal circumstances, the larger the ratio, the stronger the brightness contrast from black to white, and the richer the gray level gradient, the richer the color performance. Conversely, if the ratio is smaller, the brightness of the display system is narrower, that is, the white is not bright enough, the black is not deep enough, and the gray level of the picture is concentrated in a small range, which has a gray feeling and detailed expression effect. The worse. As far as the current micro-projector can achieve the results, TI gives the result: DLP pico projector contrast is ideal in 2000:1-10000:1. LCOS pico projectors are much lower.

    Fourth, understand the resolution index of the home pico projector

    The resolution supported by the home pico projector is 4K ultra-clear resolution, support 2160*4090, 1080P resolution, 450*850 resolution. The home choice pico projector is best to choose the input resolution to support 4K ultra clear or 108P HD resolution. The portable small projector selects the resolution of 1280*800, and the picture quality is relatively perfect.

    Fifth, understand the price difference of home micro projector

    The price of home micro-projectors on the market is very different. The product cost of micro projectors is determined by several aspects: First, the cost of different technologies is different, DLP technology is much larger than the cost of LCOS technology and liquid crystal technology; second, the different cost of optical machine is different, the effect of imported optical machine is good, but the cost is greater than domestic The third is that the bulbs are different and the cost is different. The OSRAM bulbs are the best and the relative cost is high. Fourth, the bulbs are different in cost, the standard uses red, green and blue tri-color bulbs, and some products use a bulb software to color, effect, and life. It will be greatly discounted; the fifth is that the system chip uses different costs. Users who know this will not be too confused about the price.

    Six, consider the relevant details of the home pico projector

    In addition to the main points of the above-mentioned main indicators, the choice of home micro-projector should also consider the convenience of operation, portable portability, product reliability, maintenance simplicity, fashion appearance and other product details. These can be comprehensively evaluated in terms of product introduction, user evaluation, website reputation, etc., so that users can have a comprehensive understanding of the product.

    Seven, understand the system configuration of the home pico projector

    At present, most of the home micro projectors have built-in Android system. From the current technology and effects, the CPU processor has 4 cores, 6 cores, and 8 cores. Currently, 8-core CPUs are the fastest. The Meigao G20 home micro projector uses an 8-core CPU + 8-core GPU, which supports hard decoding, fast processing and saves traffic.

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