• The Best Android TV Box Online Deals

    The Best Android TV Box Online Deals
    The Best Android TV Box Online Deals

    Price : 135.99$

    What is the Android Smart TV Box? Simply put, it is an Android phone without a screen. The screen is replaced by an HDMI cable to connect to the TV, so there are 42-inch TVs in the house. The Android Smart TV Box is a 42-inch large tablet.
    My dad has recently watched the fourth (cable TV) or mod less and less, and instead replaced the tablet with YouTube, TV series and TV variety shows to watch the show. However, the 10-inch tablet always feels sore when it looks at it for a long time. It is often hoped that there will be a 42-inch large-screen tablet computer. Therefore, after the father’s cautious comparison of the CP value, I bought the In Focus Android smart TV box and the home. The use of the 42-inch LCD TV, with the operation of the wireless mouse, is equivalent to having a 42-inch Android tablet, which is very comfortable to use, and the eyes will not be sour because they often stare at the tablet.

    At present, this InFocus Android smart TV box has been in use for a year. Over the past year, with the increase of experience, it has accumulated a lot of experience in selecting a smart TV box in the future. The big one can be classified as "necessary". "Need" two categories to describe.

    A. Necessary functions - This category is indispensable for Dad Dad, and can be eliminated as long as there is one missing.

    1. Have a complete and independent Android system

    The first condition for my father to choose the smart TV box is to use the Android system. After all, the Android system is one of the mainstream of the current mobile phone system. The system development has been very perfect, and it is more in line with the public's habits in setting and operation. It is also easier to get answers on the Internet. For the elders who are used to the Android system, it is easier to get started. When they want to operate on their own, they won't be confused.

    2. You can install Android app yourself.

    The advantage of the Android system is that there are tens of thousands of apps that can be downloaded and installed. If you are not satisfied with the built-in system of the TV box, you can also install the software replacement yourself. For example, my dad is used to a simple desktop, so I use the Holo desktop instead of the built-in LiTV system in the TV box. The built-in software is not powerful enough to replace the MX Player. The built-in audio and video software is not suitable for YouTube. Built-in keyboard typing is not convenient, you can install Google input method, as long as the mobile phone can install most of the APP can be installed on the Android smart TV box, so it is absolutely very important to install the Android APP.

    3. Support USB OTG function

    The remote control attached to the Android Smart TV box allows the user to operate on the sofa as usual, but the remote control is not intuitive enough for the Android system. It is not possible to directly click on the icon we want. Many apps do not support the operation of the remote control. At this time, the OTG function is required to connect the USB wireless mouse to operate. The mouse cursor is equivalent to the user's finger, move to the APP icon that you want to open, press the left mouse button to execute, press the right mouse button to exit, the user can sit on the sofa and operate the TV box far away. It is so convenient.

    The function of OTG to connect the action hard disk is also very important. With MXPlayer, you can play almost all the videos in the action hard disk. For example, the dad's Android smart TV box is connected to a USB hub, and then a wireless port is connected from the USB hub. The mouse also has a 2.5-inch action hard drive, which is very expandable and easy to use.

    4.CPU and memory

    The Android Smart TV Box is like an Android mobile phone. As the usage time increases and the amount of software installed, it will gradually slow down the overall execution speed. Therefore, the TV box with too low specification will start to run out for a while. People think about it, and the high-definition TV box is more expensive, but when it is still very smooth for two years, it will be glad that he made the right choice.

    The TV box, which is mainly used to watch movies, is recommended to have at least dual cores. The system memory (RAM) is recommended to be more than 1GB. The TV box with less than these two items is completely ignored, such as the purchase of the dad in 2015. This InFocus smart TV box, with dual-core CPU and 1GB of system memory (RAM), is now quite satisfactory, and is expected to work for more than a year.

    5. Wireless network

    This is definitely a necessary feature. Although the Android Wisdom TV Box without Internet function can also install the MXPlayer app to play movies or files on the mobile hard disk, but in the era of the Internet prevailing, the network is missing. The road will greatly reduce the convenience of the TV box.

    B. Needed functions - This category is dispensable for Dad Dad, it is more convenient, and it doesn't matter if it is less.

    1.Google Play Store
    Some Android Smart TV Boxes do not pay for the "Google Mobile Service License Fee", so there is no built-in Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail... and other services, which prevents users from installing the required apps directly from the Google Play Store. You must install a third-party market to install the software, or find the ".apk file" of the app yourself, and then transfer the ".apk file" to the TV box through the flash drive or network transmission. Inconvenient, there is also the risk that the ".apk file" of the app itself has been implanted with a virus, and it often happens that the APP cannot be opened after the installation is completed.

    So my dad would recommend trying to pick a smart TV box with a built-in Google Play store. It would be a lot easier to use. If you don’t have a built-in Google Play store, it’s okay to spend more time looking for the APP’s ".apk file." "To install, although it is a little troublesome, it will not affect the overall use.

    2. Wireless Bluetooth function
    The benefits of the wireless Bluetooth feature are that you can connect to the Bluetooth bud when playing games, connect to the Bluetooth keyboard when you need a lot of typing, use the Bluetooth mouse to operate the interface, and connect to the Bluetooth headset when you want to watch a shocking movie. Even if it is several meters away from the TV, it can completely control the TV box, and there will not be a pile of headphone cables and cables scattered on the ground. Therefore, it is convenient to have the Bluetooth function, but it does not affect the overall function.

    3. Wired network
    Although the wired network is not a necessary function, and gradually TV box manufacturers have removed the connection of the wired network, the signal and speed of the wired network are the most stable, and will not be separated by the distance between the home and the wireless base station. , wireless signal interference and the ability of the smart TV box itself to receive. So my dad is suggesting to use a stable wired network. I really can't switch to a wireless network, and try to get closer to the distance between the smart TV box and the wireless base station. Otherwise, the video will be intermittent when the signal is not good. But people will want to turn the table (smile).

    4. Manufacturer's warranty quality
    3C products are made up of many sophisticated chips and circuits. There is a so-called failure rate. Not every one will fail, but there is no guarantee that this will never fail. Therefore, most manufacturers will provide warranty. treaty. In the warranty treaty, if there is a fault within a certain number of days after purchase, it can be replaced with a new machine or can only be repaired. Is the cost of shipping the product to the repair center for repairs free of charge? Will it be difficult or fraudulent in the judgment? Is the maintenance staff good? ...and so on are all factors to be included in the purchase considerations.

    The InFocus Wisdom TV Box purchased by Dad Dad appeared occasionally crashed within one month of purchase. After calling the customer service hotline, the freight personnel will take the Wisdom TV Box back and test it. After the test is confirmed to be faulty, Sending a new machine directly, this is an admirable warranty.

    5.Miracast/dlna/airplay wireless transmission technology
    This type of wireless transmission technology must be used with a mobile phone. Simply put, the mobile phone screen is projected into the TV box, but the Android smart TV box itself is an independent operating system. The TV box that the mobile phone can play can also play. It is necessary to consume more power from one mobile phone to do the same thing.

    If I ask my dad how to choose the next smart TV box, I think I will give priority to having 4 core CPU, 2GB system memory (RAM), 8GB storage memory (ROM), support for Google play, support for OTG expansion USB. Connector, support for wired and wireless networks, Bluetooth wireless transmission and the price is less than 3,000 yuan, but this price seems to be unable to find a suitable model (smile).

    Finally, many of my friends asked my dad, after I bought the Android Smart TV Box, can I stop the MOD or the fourth (cable TV)? In this regard, it is necessary to judge from the personal habits.

    If you belong to the "I just want to see what I want to see, the rest are not interested." Types of people, instead of waiting for MOD or the fourth (cable TV) to play the content they want to see, it is better to install Android wisdom TV box to choose the program that you are interested in, saving the time to choose the last one or not knowing what program you want to watch, but the risk that you can expect is that the program you want to watch may not be in the Android Wisdom TV Box. Found above, this part must be judged by yourself.

    Then, if you belong to "whatever you want to watch, you just want to be lazy on the sofa and turn on the TV, you can watch the show" or "there are elders at home", or spend some money every month to watch MOD. Or the fourth (cable TV)! At least MOD or the fourth (cable TV) has a program to play all year round, and you don’t have to watch TV, but the elders don’t want to watch the local drama, they have to take the mouse to point to the anger. The mouse, after all, they have long been used to picking up the console with a remote control. It is very difficult to suddenly change their habits, really! Really! It is really difficult! !

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