• Best Warm Car Indicator Lights Set (DC 12-16V)

    Best Warm Car Indicator Lights Set (DC 12-16V)
    Best Warm Car Indicator Lights Set (DC 12-16V)
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    For the little friends who got the driver's license soon, the various warning icons on the car dashboard are like alien stars, and they are dazzling. But in fact, these icons play a very important role in our daily driving. Understanding the meanings of these icons can help us to find out the faults of the vehicles in time and repair them early to ensure safe driving. For some icons that are important in our daily driving and are closely related to us, we must understand it. Let's take a look at what these icons represent.

    ● Engine self-test indicator light

    After each vehicle is started, there will be a large number of icons in the middle of the dashboard that will automatically go out after a few seconds. This process is the self-test process of the car. When the self-test is completed, the corresponding icon will be extinguished, and the icon with the fault will continue to light, prompting the driver to pay attention.
    The engine self-test indicator light will illuminate each time the car is started, indicating that the engine is performing a self-test. When the self-test is completed, if the engine is not found to be faulty, the icon will disappear (the whole self-test process lasts for a few seconds); if the icon does not go out, the engine of the vehicle is faulty. It is best to go to the 4S shop. Do further testing.

    ● Oil pressure indicator

    Compared to the handbrake indicator light, the oil pressure indicator is easier to remember. The icon on the instrument panel resembling the “kettle” shape is the oil pressure indicator (and because of its unique shape, I started to learn the car from the first time). Just remember it). The oil pressure indicator is used to indicate whether the oil pressure is normal. If the oil pressure is abnormal, it will light up.
    As with the engine self-test indicator, the oil pressure indicator will also illuminate when the vehicle is started. If the oil pressure is normal, it will then go out. If the oil pressure is abnormal, it will remain lit. At this time, the car should be further checked to troubleshoot.

    ● Fueling indicator

    The fueling indicator light is used to remind the driver of the vehicle to add fuel to the vehicle in time. When the fuel is insufficient, the fueling indicator light is yellow; when the fuel is extremely insufficient, the fueling indicator light is red. However, some models are always bright yellow, and those who are used to waiting for the red light to pay attention should pay attention.
    Under normal circumstances, when the fueling indicator lights up in yellow, it is best to add fuel to the vehicle as soon as possible, and do not wait until the red light is on. This is mainly for the protection of the oil pump. At present, most gasoline oil pumps need to infuse in the fuel for heat dissipation. If the fuel is insufficient, the heat dissipation effect of the oil pump will be significantly reduced, which will accelerate the damage of the oil pump.

    ● Coolant temperature indicator

    As the oil pressure indicator, the coolant temperature indicator is also remembered when I first learned the car because of its unique shape; the thermometer style is also very intuitive.
    As the name suggests, the coolant temperature indicator is used to indicate the temperature of the coolant. It is extinguished under normal conditions. If the coolant temperature is too high or too low, it will light up.

    ● Handbrake indicator

    I remember when I was learning the car, there was a coach who was not there. I was driving with the other trainees in the coaching yard (hanging a gear, the throttle was blocked by the couch with a bottle), and then I found an indicator light. On, everyone felt very strange how light was always on, but did not know where the problem occurred; later I learned that the original is the hand brake indicator.
    For novices, handbrakes are often overlooked; often it is not a stop to forget to pull the handbrake is to start forgetting to let go of the hand brake (presumably many children's shoes were not used by the coach because the handbrake was not used); If the handbrake indicator light is on after the vehicle is started, just check if the handbrake has been lowered or if the handbrake has been placed in the end. Otherwise, there may be other causes of abnormality (for example, too little brake oil).

    ● Outside light indication

    Car lighting plays a very important role in everyday vehicles. Needless to say, driving at night, lights must be turned on; when some heavy rain, fog lights or tunnels are needed, lights are also needed.
    Perhaps in view of the importance of the lights outside the car, the car also displays the lights outside the car in real time on the dashboard of the car, knowing that their respective symbols are very important for our daily driving. Especially the high beam light can prevent the high beam from being turned on by mistake without knowing it.

    ● Seat belts are not illuminated

    The safety belt is not equipped with a reminder light to remind the passengers in the vehicle to wear a seat belt. When it is detected that there is a passenger in a seat in the vehicle and the passenger does not wear a seat belt, the seat belt will light up without the warning light until the passenger system It is extinguished when the seat belt is removed or the seat is left.
    The icon of the seat belt without the warning light is also very intuitive to be seen. It is included in the icon of the car dashboard that must be understood by the novice driver, mainly because of the importance of the seat belt in the safety of the ride. There have been many reports about the incident of not wearing a seat belt, and everyone must develop a good habit of getting on the seat belt.

    ● Tire pressure warning light

    Most models are now equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system to monitor the tire pressure of the vehicle at all times. The tire pressure warning light will illuminate when there is a problem with the tire pressure of the vehicle.
    If the tire pressure warning light is on, it is best to stop the vehicle first to check what causes the tire pressure problem; find out the cause and repair it in time to avoid the hidden danger. To know that there is a problem with the tire pressure, the safety hazards that come with it can be large or small.

    It is recommended that the vehicle without the tire pressure monitoring system should buy a tire pressure test tool (online quotes from tens to hundreds of pieces), and check the tire pressure from time to time to see if there is any abnormality.

    ● Body stability system indicator

    Like the tire pressure monitoring system, the Body Stability System (ESP) has been standardized in more and more models in recent years. For most children's shoes that have just got a driver's license, the body stability system indicator is still a new thing (everyone knows that most coaches are old). In fact, the body stability system indicator is well recognized, and the icon "ESP" directly tells you its identity.
    There are a lot of children's shoes asking why the ESP indicator lights up during driving. Is it a malfunction? In fact, this is because for most models, the dashboard indicator will flash when the ESP is involved during driving; and if the ESP is really faulty, the indicator will remain lit.

    ● ABS indicator

    At present, almost all models on the market are equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system, and the ABS indicator is also relatively intuitive on the car dashboard. Under normal circumstances, it can be known that it is the ABS indicator.
    Under normal conditions, the ABS indicator is off except for the moment the vehicle is turned on; however, if there is a fault in the ABS brake system, the indicator lights up. At this time, it is best to look for a 4S shop to check.

    ● Summary

    Most of the icons on the dashboard of the car are used to remind the driver of the “healthy” status of the current vehicle. You must be clear about what each icon represents, which is very important for our driving safety. It is also recommended that you usually develop a good habit of checking the dashboard. From time to time, look at the dashboard for any abnormalities, find problems early, solve problems early, and kill all security risks in the "cradle".

    The contents of the above terms are all from the network, all of which are based on the original author's point of view and are for reference only. They do not represent the position of Jingdong. Thank you for your support of Jingdong. I wish you a happy shopping!

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