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    Human beings can be said to be the most intelligent existence in nature. With the introduction of high intelligence, the complexity of our human life far exceeds that of other creatures. It is difficult for ordinary animals to understand our behaviors and thoughts. In order to make our pets more comfortable, people prefer to keep a smarter pet. Because higher IQ can help them integrate into our lives. Therefore, when you pick a dog, you are asking a question: Which dog is smarter?
    In fact, from a biological point of view, a dog with a larger head can develop a larger brain. Is this the case? The answer is yes. We can see that among the top 20 dogs in the IQ category, only the butterfly and Schnauzer are small dogs, and the other dogs are large or medium dogs. what? VIP? The small VIPs we see now are actually the result of the variety improvement, and the medium-sized dog-sized VIPs are their natural appearance.
    The foreign website Dognition found 1888 dogs and let the owner put down a snack under one of the two cups in the dog's field of vision. Next, the owner waits the dog for 60, 90, 120 or 150 seconds and then brings it closer to the cup. For the four trial completions, statistical data, including whether the dog has gone to the correct cup, and the time spent,
    The results of the experiment presented a trend in which larger dogs were able to accurately remember longer dogs for longer periods of time. In the subsequent experiments, the experimenter continued to increase the difficulty of the task. As the difficulty of the task increases, the advantage of large dogs becomes more apparent. Dr. Stanley Coren said: "The bigger the animal, the bigger its brain. A larger brain has more neurons and more connections, which should allow it to better handle information and store memory."
    These researchers were very cautious in statistical analysis and tried to analyze the effects of many variables on the dog's psychological performance. In each of their analysis of the data, and each test result for cognitive ability or "execution function" was statistically significant and the results were the same. Larger dogs show better cognitive and psychological performance. Among the small dogs, the best performer is the toy poodle.
    If you want to raise a smart dog first, you can give priority to a large dog or a medium dog. Of course, the trend does not mean all, because there are exceptions wherever they are. Among the large dogs, the "sleigh three stupid" and the Tibetan mastiff's IQ are not as high as they are supposed to be. Because they have been doing manual labor for a long time, the masters only want to evolve their physical strength, and don't care about their IQ. For a long time, they have also abandoned themselves. I didn’t think about evolving my own brain, I became a large dog with simple limbs and simple mind.

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