• Best Buttons Off Shoulder Ribbed Plus Size Tee 2019

    Best Buttons Off Shoulder Ribbed Plus Size Tee
    Buttons Off Shoulder Ribbed Plus Size Tee

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    The low temperature swept the whole city, so I felt a little off guard when I didn't finish the wardrobe. I said goodbye to the cool summer clothes, and I began to start the autumn and winter of the whole family.

    Mothers know that children's clothes are actually very difficult to buy. Because children grow fast, they often have to change in a quarter, and their delicate skin needs high-quality materials to care for. High quality often requires high prices. After throwing it in the first quarter, there is still a bitter wallet. Parity also has a high quality - in latin Chengyi, get my autumn and winter fun

    Choosing comfortable and skin-friendly and affordable clothing, the key must be worn properly, really test the skills of the mothers.
    As a regular money-saving expert who is worth buying, I was planted by my aunt some time ago~~ I found a clothing brand latin which is mainly composed of high-quality fabrics and durable wear-resistant. The styles are very simple basic models, how to make a mistake will not go wrong, the fabric is comfortable, the key price is still very cheap, their own, husband's, baby's clothes, can be done in one, very worry-free.

    shopping experience
    The coordinates of the Lunar New Year in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, the fall of the Magic Capital is not long, and it is also short of 1-2 months. In this short season, I bought a few expensive and unsuitable clothes. To be honest, the price is not good. High, especially for baby clothes. I used to see the website of Latin in the recommendation of Aunt. The price is very high. I bought it several times before and after. This is to share with you, I think it is worth buying a wild item.

    Lativ's website interface is very simple and fresh, so it is very comfortable to see at a glance. It doesn't attract the attention of consumers with the pictures of the bells and whistles. There is no bullet-box advertisement around, which gives me a good first impression and is also in line with their home. Clothing style - simple atmosphere.

    The classification of the interface is also very clear, the top entry is the classification of the big items: women's wear, men's wear, children's wear and so on. On the left is a detailed category that allows consumers who enter the site to find the clothing they want to buy at once. The clothing display on the right side is also a simple style of walking. It is very intuitive to show the clothes clearly, and will not be affected by the filter or the wearing of the model.
    Clicking on the product page is still clean, the top is the display, and the model is worn below. There is no side guide map, no extra shopping guide links, not like other websites, after clicking on a link and being attracted by another link, I fainted for an hour and decided not to buy one.

    On the right side of the display: product name, price, color, size, add to the shopping cart after the selection, order settlement, waiting for receipt. The shopping process is done in one go.
    About size & postage
    The size of the Latin family is a bit problematic. You can't choose the height of the front. You have to choose the SML to choose from.

    The moon is 172cm, not fat or thin. Usually, Uniqlo, H&M and other brands wear 165(M)-170(L). I bought a T-shirt for the first time. I chose 165/92A (XL) on latin. I didn't expect it to be too big. I chose 160/88A(L), which is right, so I have to look at the size.

    Before the latin home was over 49 yuan SF, (but these days it seems to have just been transferred to 99), in any case, it can be said that it is a very low threshold, basically equivalent to buy a piece of clothing, praise!

    Unpacking the sun
    In the summer, I tried to buy a few T-shirts in his home and found that the quality was good, so I took the season and got my daughter's autumn clothes. Ordered the same day, arrived the next day, I did not expect to receive a large box, the box is simply printed at LOGO, the outer packaging is simple but has good protection.
    The price of Latin is very affordable. I only used the price of 2 or 3 pieces of clothes outside and bought this full box of clothes~
    Lativ's clothes are all basic and versatile. It's a good time to say that it's a good time. I think it's still worth recommending.

    Tops series
    T-shirts and shirts are a must-have item for summer wardrobes. In the early fall, sometimes the autumn tigers are still there. T-shirts and shirts still can't be packed, but they can be upgraded from short sleeves to 7-point sleeves or long sleeves.

    Lativ's sweatshirt quality is not bad, high count, cotton fabric, breathable but not transparent, did not become loose after washing, recommended to buy.

    Lativ's T-shirt and Lisa Larson's collaboration, I really like the designer's work, before I bought Lisa Larson's plate, sly animals, super cute duck~
    I bought this iconic cat~ The texture of the print is also very good, not the kind of plastic texture, the cotton fabric is easy to take care of, I have washed a few times, still no loose shape.
    There is no trademark on the neck of the collar, printed with Lisa Larson's iconic cat logo.
    Summer white T is the most versatile, jeans, denim skirt, all can hold HOLD, 7-point sleeve length, just dressed in early autumn.

    If you feel that the T-shirt is too thin, you can try latin's soft sanding series. The fabric is specially sanded to make it warmer in the thickness of the basic T-shirt. Although it is slightly thicker, the contact surface is very soft and comfortable. Wear it alone or wear it. You can do it in the windbreaker or coat.
    I chose the gray-pink of foreign gas. The fabric has a slight thickness. It has a layer of fine and soft sanding. It feels very comfortable to touch. It has no pilling and no fading.
    The sanded fabric is very close to the body, and the base of the round neck is versatile and slim. It is good with pants or skirts~
    In addition to sanding fabrics, their Pima cotton is also worth buying. I bought one for my daughter, which is very soft and soft.

    Tired of the usual black and white ash, but do not want to be too out of the pick, you can try this oxford fabric shirt, clean and pure color, neat cut, the upper body looks sophisticated and free and easy.
    The neckline of the shirt has been pressed, so even after washing it is still very wide, the fabric of Oxford is not hard.
    Fine workmanship, no wool thread, even the circular arc at the cuff is meticulous.
    The upper body effect is not bad, it won't be crumpled when it's moving, and it's comfortable to wear on a single body. Light blue is also a must-have item. Jeans, black and white can be used.
    The version is very self-cultivating, and the waist is slightly tailored to the waist, giving a very good sense of spirit.

    The fabric of this shirt is made of thin cotton yarn, which is smooth and comfortable to wear. The shoulders are loosely designed, and the V-shaped neckline can reveal the clavicle, but it doesn't look so deliberate.
    Although the overall leisure is loose, the bottom of the mouth to do the processing, adding a sense of design, wearing a more three-dimensional.
    The upper body is very soft and comfortable, the fabric is comfortable and breathable, although it is thin and light, it will not penetrate the meat, put some of the edges in the jeans, super long leg ~~
    The design of this piece is a casual boyfriend, the shoulders and waist are loose, with soft fabric, giving a very casual and comfortable feeling.

    The solid color T is versatile, but it is also somewhat boring. This is a T-shirt with a sweater but not a sweater. The classic stripe and five-quarter sleeves are designed to make the colors of autumn and winter more gentle.
    The pink and white stripes are very soft. The other colors on the website are also the low-saturation color matching. The fabric is soft. Due to the rib weave, it is slightly elastic and fits.
    Small waves were applied to the bottom of the clothes and at the cuffs, adding some little fun and making T more lively.
    The upper body gives a feeling of warm-blooded big sister. With skirts and pants are OK.

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