• Best FREE Antivirus, VPN & TuneUp for All Your Devices

    Best FREE Antivirus, VPN & TuneUp for All Your Devices

    The best free anti-virus software download, perfect for Windows and Apple Mac

    Paying for premium services means you get more features like spam filters, parental controls, system scans, and advanced firewalls. This makes them more suitable for advanced users, those who want some extra security and anyone who wants their system to run as smoothly as possible. This also means you can avoid annoying pop-ups trying to trick you into upgrading to the full version. And, as you discovered above, the cost of buying them is not high.

    But now, you get the highest quality protection for free, and almost every major vendor offers free anti-virus software. With a free version, developers can access more devices from which they can collect data, improving their knowledge and security platform, so reducing the amount of protection provided by the free version is not in their interest.

    Windows has made great progress in security. Windows 10's built-in solution, Windows Defender, is the last free antivirus application you should trust to keep your system clean.

    Therefore, if you decide to get free anti-virus software, Tech Radar is strongly recommended to check out the best free security software below 2019. We list their features and strengths and weaknesses.

    Finding free anti-virus software for Windows is not an easy task. Almost all free software on the market today has a variety of problems: advertising, spyware, and bundling. Users only need anti-virus software to do one thing, anti-virus, as for spyware, malware, etc., users want to be able to remove these unwanted programs from the computer.

    In this case, let us find out.

    In terms of security protection, the feature we tend to focus on most is security. We have selected the ten best free anti-virus programs from the current market. Every piece of software we choose carefully will explain the reasons, advantages, and disadvantages of the choice, and in each aspect of each program is better.

    1. Avast Free Antivirus

    Since the merger of Avast and AVG Antivirus, it has been providing users with both anti-virus and anti-malware services, and it is because of the provision of such high-quality services that the merger transaction is very meaningful.

    This is one of the few services that can effectively resist zero-day attacks, or for viruses or malware that exploit security vulnerabilities, to be able to spot weaknesses on the same day. According to reports, Avast is currently testing 100% protection against zero-day attacks.

    The main function:

    ● Password management

    ● Malware scan protector

    ● In game mode, reduce system load and turn off system notification when the game starts


    ● Powerful zero-day attack protection

    ● Friendly user interface

    ● Has little impact on system performance (ie, it does not slow down the system when running)


    ● Notifications will pop up periodically

    ● When running Avast, it may cause other programs to start slower.

    ● Lack of relevant privacy regulations

    Features available when choosing a paid version:

    ● Provide a plug-in for anti-phishing programs for users' browsers

    ● Spam filtering

    ● Software automatic update function

    ● File permanent shredding program

    The best use scenario for this protection software:

    Avast is best for gamers, not only with a dedicated game mode but also with Trojan scan protection for game downloads. For non-gamers, it also benefits from its powerful zero-day attack protection.

    2. AVG Antivirus Free

    As mentioned earlier, AVG recently merged with Avast to seek development. In terms of current results, both companies have benefited from the merger, and AVG seems to have achieved some short-term achievements. Although it is also a safe and reliable anti-virus software, AVG seems to play the role of Avast "little brother".

    However, please note that the combined new company may consider one day to combine the functions and services of AVG and Avast, and what will happen to us will be waiting to be seen.

    The main function:

    ● System Optimization Tool

    ● Network connection protection

    ● Email attachment scanning


    ● Similar to Avast, excellent anti-malware features

    ● Easy to customize and configure

    ● Little impact on the system


    ● Less functionality than Avast, such as lack of extended support

    ● Excessive promotion of paid versions and other irrelevant features or services

    ● Slow scanning speed

    ● Below standard phishing protection

    Features available when choosing a paid version:

    ● Additional ransomware protection

    ● Enhanced firewall

    The best use scenario for this protection software:

    Overall, AVG is a lightweight and compact anti-virus software program. The program is clean and has little effect on system performance when running in the background. In addition, if your work needs to handle a large number of emails and other programs, then the software's email attachment scanning feature will be of great help to you.

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