• Car HID Xenon Lamps Ultra-thin HID Ballast Set

    Car HID Xenon Lamps Ultra-thin HID Ballast Set
    Car HID Xenon Lamps Ultra-thin HID Ballast Set

    Price: 38.99$

    Performance parameters:

    • Power consumption: 35W
    • Light flux: 2500-3500LM (depending on the color temperature of the bulb)
    • Normal use: 3000 hours or more (equivalent to 10 times that of traditional halogen lamps)
    • Temperature: -40 ° C - 105 ° C
    • Color temperature: 3000K—30000K;
    • Tube pressure: 85V ± 15V;
    • Wire: temperature resistant, high-pressure silicone flame retardant line;
    • Cover glass: UV-CAT anti-ultraviolet quartz glass;
    • Light-emitting method: The helium gas collides with each other to generate arc light.

    Color temperature and color:

    The color of the headlight bulb is expressed by "color temperature", so the 4300K, 6000K, 8000K that we see when buying the bulb is the unit of color temperature. The color temperature and color are a one-to-one correspondence, as follows (Note: the corresponding color temperature corresponding value Just the reference value, the specific color should be based on the color of the light bulb itself):

    3000K - golden light
    4300K—Huang Baiguang
    5000K - beige light
    6000K - pure white light
    8000K - blue and white light
    10000K—light blue light
    12000K—Blue light

    How to buy:

    The lamp specifications are different according to the model, and their models are not identical. Our xenon lamps are divided into H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, D2C/R/S. , D1C/R/S, D4S, and other specifications.
    The company can provide various types of bulbs with a color temperature between 3000K and 12000K.
    If you do not know which lamp size to use, please go to the website before purchase to check the model number of your car, or consult our professional and technical personnel for consultation, and then confirm the purchase!

    1, three times the brightness output of the halogen lamp:
    Usually, we call the unit of calculation the Lumen, the HID lamp can output up to 3200 (Lumen) brightness, and the general halogen lamp can only produce up to 1000 (Lumen) brightness, HID is higher than the traditional halogen Three times the brightness of the lamp.

    2, high color temperature
    The xenon lamp can emit about 60K color temperature light. The so-called color temperature is heated by the standard specification. As the heating temperature increases, the substance will change from deep red, yellow, white, blue and white. The color of light is expressed by temperature. It is the color temperature. The unit is expressed by **Kelvin, and the color of 6000K is just the color temperature of the whitest slightly starting to turn blue, and also the color closest to noon. Acceptance and comfort of the human eye**.

    3, ten times the product life
    Everyone may have encountered a halogen lamp on the car because the long-term high heat-fixed tungsten wire suddenly burned off. The xenon lamp is illuminated by a current ** gas, which does not substantially generate excessive temperature and is not easily damaged. According to a study, even a halogen bulb with higher quality can only be used for up to 400 hours in a row, and a xenon bulb that uses gas to emit a minimum of 2,500 hours of service life, which means that you are in normal use. Next, enough for you to use more than 6 years.

    4, about 1/2 of the power consumption
    The halogen headlights of general vehicle factories need to consume about 55-65W of power, and the HID gas discharge headlights only need 35W of electricity to supply the xenon bulbs under the stable action of the ballast.

    5, HID lamp uses UV-cut anti-ultraviolet quartz glass, and the car lights are crystal clear.

    6, easy to install and use:
    Just replace the position of the halogen bulb on the original car with the bulb of the HID gas discharge lamp set, and then connect the original bulb connector and ballast with the included cable set.

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