• Embroidered Slip Lace Rose Applique Dress

    Embroidered Slip Lace Rose Applique Dress

    Embroidered Slip Lace Rose Applique Dress

    Price: 10.65$

    When Dangdang...when! On the day of Tanabata, I was blown up again! I want to talk about underwear this time. After all, it is the most important clothes for our girls.

    Don't be told by your boyfriend to wear the same underwear as your mother. Regardless of the big chest and small chest, fashionable people must prepare a complete set of underwear, today talk about the eight girls' sense of cheap underwear brand, pure fairy simple and stylish, which one do you like?

    The lace fairy control can enter it, it is simply arrogant! Mimi Holiday is the second-line brand of Damaris, a well-known British luxury lingerie brand. If Damaris is an elegant lady in Europe, then Holiday is a British sweet girl. Look at the picture and fall!

    The brand style is both sweet and comfortable, and the birth of “Celebrity” also makes it both high-grade materials and exquisite workmanship. It successfully combines practicality, luxury, and style with just the right mix, which is where Mim's unique core selling point lies.

    The heart of the water, this dreamy star, so beautiful and beautiful ~ even the box is so beautiful, the moment of opening the box is just spring!
     And this kind of thick shoulder strap for big breasts -

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