• The Best Dog Boots You Can Buy To Protect Your Pup's Paws

    The Best Dog Boots You Can Buy To Protect Your Pup's Paws

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    Make sure you and your dog are ready for winter before the weather gets scary outside.
    Brrrrrr! It has started to get cold. At any time, we will walk in the winter wonderland. There are many dogs who like to play in the snow - "Look at all the fun white toys!" When you pull out the winter boots and jackets, don't forget that your dog needs to be warm and safe while he is outside. Of course, he has a fur coat, but when the temperature drops, it may not be enough to protect him from snow and ice. Here are 7 ways to get your dog ready for the winter.

    Dog Boots: Ice and salt can hurt a dog's paws. Salt can be caught between the dog's claws, which can cause damage due to its sharp edges or its ingestion (dog shit, eat salt during this process). Most importantly, salt and ice can burn the dog's paw pads. Boots not only prevent injuries but also help your dog catch ice cubes - no longer slipping and sliding. If your dog refuses to keep the boots open, be sure to wipe or clean his claws when done outside.

    Dog coats and sweaters: These do not fashion announcements or trivial accessories. Some dogs need extra protection from the cold. Some varieties are built for this weather (such as huskies and laboratories), but other varieties need to be protected - especially those with short coats and smaller varieties. Of course, it also depends on how much fat and muscle your dog has. Before you buy a coat or sweater, bring the size of your dog, or better, bring your dog into the store and try on it. Make sure that if comfortable, it does not affect visibility or mobility, and is easy to put on and take off.

    Dry, itchy skin: We can all prove this winter pest - our skin becomes dry and flaky due to the cold air outside and the warm, dry air inside. This problem also plagues dogs. To help you and your dog's skin be healthy, consider using a humidifier. This portable device adds moisture to the air to help keep your skin hydrated. Regular brushing can also help solve this problem because it eliminates dead hair and stimulates your dog's skin to produce more oil. If you bathe your dog, you can use oatmeal shampoo, an ingredient that helps soothe the skin. Finally, you can increase your dog's essential fatty acid intake with Omega-3 and Omega-6 oil supplements.

    Limit your time outdoors: Even dogs can get frostbite due to their claws, tail, nose, and ears. Do not leave the dog outdoors for a long time. During the time of the year, never leave them in the backyard, especially if they are indoor dogs. Even a sunny winter day can be deceptive because the cold makes the actual temperature cooler than the actual temperature.

    Cold your home: A cold can be very determined and try to find a way to enter your home. Under the drafting of the draft, the tile floor became unbearable for the cold. Keep your dog away from the ventilated area. If he likes to lie on the tile floor, give him a warm blanket or mat.

    Never leave your dog in the car: it is as dangerous for your dog in winter and summer. If you keep the car running and your dog is alone in the car, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat to his life. Even if you turn off the engine, it is still a bad idea. The temperature of the car will drop rapidly, keeping your dog protected from the cold.

    Beware of antifreeze: We need it to keep our car running in the winter, but antifreeze is fatal to dogs. It tends to swim in lanes and sidewalks. Our dog can pass through it and then lick its paws or can go straight into the sniff and try. Once you get home, walk while washing your dog's paws and pay attention to this liquid.

    Is there any other way to get your dog ready for winter? Please leave your hint in the comments section below.

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