• Front Slit Floral Embroidered Denim Skirt

    Front Slit Floral Embroidered Denim Skirt

    Price : 25.99$

    "Cowboy" items have always been what I think are very suitable for thick girls.

    Because the material of the denim is relatively thick and the fabric is quite flat, it usually has a good decoration effect.

    And cowboys are not going to be popular, I think everyone’s wardrobe must have all kinds of denim items.

    Like denim (long/short) pants, denim (long/short) skirts, denim shirt jackets, etc.

    This time I shared three sets of more casual jeans.

    Both are T-Shirt on the upper body and denim skirt on the lower body.

    I really like denim skirts because they are stiff so I can wrap my butt meat.

    How to wear a thick piece of denim skirt?
    Describe my body shape again

    (Even if they are the same thick girls, the clothes that are different in shape will be a lot worse!)

    My figure belongs to an apple shape

    Advantages: the upper circumference is fuller, compared to the thinner feet

    Disadvantages: arm, the stomach is more meat

    Front Slit Floral Embroidered Denim Skirt

    This set is a style that I usually don’t dare to try.

    I have always been a person who can't wear a long skirt.

    Because I belong to the apple body, the proportion of the thin legs is covered radially.

    When the upper body is meatier, it will become bigger and bigger.

    But it seems that the denim skirt is stiffer and the material is not bad. XD
    The matching top is plain, and then has a sleeve on the cuff.

    Wearing a denim skirt is recommended to tie the top so the ratio of body to the leg will be good.

    On the side, it’s actually quite waisty.
    If you have a sleeve on the sleeve

    I think if your "hip circumference is wider and shoulder width is narrower"

    Very suitable for wearing this kind of sleeve to make a decoration, you can adjust the proportion of your body

    But if you belong to "the shoulders are wider, such sleeves will have the opposite effect."
    Behind there is a cute little design

    Black straps add femininity and a little sexy XD

    There will be a feeling of tearing down the gift
    If you are as full as I am, the belly is full of flesh.

    I am afraid to wear such a light-colored large-area top.

    Can be paired with some large pieces of jewelry

    I am wearing a scarf, and the vertical line of the scarf also has the effect of lengthening the figure.

    Thick girls casual wear Three sets of T-shirt + denim skirt wear

    Front Slit Floral Embroidered Denim Skirt

    Embroidered flowers are very popular this year

    Especially in European and American styles, you can often see the tired floral embroidery.

    This T-Shirt version is very casual

    But with the embroidery, I think it looks pretty good.

    I am paired with a lively denim skirt.
    This set is actually very suitable for wearing shoes or casual shoes. XD

    Is a set of suitable for shopping

    Because it is comfortable and convenient
    Compared to the all-white T-Shirt, this embroidered flower really adds a lot to it.

    The material of cotton is also very comfortable to wear.
    I will also put my shirt into the skirt.

    This is a good decoration for the proportion of the body.

    But remember to pull the clothes out a little bit

    Can modify the extruded meat, especially when sitting down
    The reason I like this denim skirt is because of its tailoring.

    Not too close to the body, it is actually comfortable and fit.

    You can see the waist, but the A shape on the hem

    It is very helpful for the modification of the leg type, and it is very comfortable to wear.

    Especially when you sit down, it won’t be tense.

    Front Slit Floral Embroidered Denim Skirt

    Irregular Draw A-Line Denim Skirt (L)
    This top is the popular "Bamboo Cotton".

    This material is really comfortable to wear.

    I was wearing it for the first time. It was thinner. I felt that it was really cool to wear.
    The part of the sleeve is made of lotus leaf sleeves.

    Like the first set of sleeves, I feel like doing tricks on the cuffs (especially on the upper arm).

    Usually, "suitable for people with narrow shoulders", people with narrow shoulders and small arms and a little fleshy arm can also try

    If you belong to a wide shoulder and are thick, it is not recommended for the design of the Lotus sleeve.
    The sag of the sleeves is good, and the side view is actually good.

    Also, put the top into the skirt.

    The skirt is the same as the second one.

    But when the top is changed, this set has a little more elegant feeling.
    Because it is also a light-colored top

    So I also added a tie (it's actually the XD with the wire inside the hair band)

    If you don’t want to sneak in this last one, it’s also good to wear denim trousers.

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