Price: 145$

    • 100% skin
    • Imported
    • Rubber is the only one
    • Near low-top arrangement from the alloy arch
    • Classic Dress Silhouette
    • Patent breathable is the only one
    • Luxurious nappa skin
    • Leather lining and gestation

    Product description

    The Federico male's plain vampire dress has made a pair of shoes and mixed with formal shoes' perfumes with all the comfort of the jocos. This timeless style is made of a soft delicate smooth skin and is fully lined with a leather insole for skin comfort and stability. The leaky Geox patent ensures the comfort of the whole day, leather lining and farther upstream which keep the feet comfortable and dry. A slightly square toe and wide fit, which makes them quite comfortable to wear throughout the day, they are creating a very soft black skin, which increases the flexibility.

    The inventor Mario Moretti was born from Polgato in the early '90s, Geocode has grown in Europe at a surprising rate, which is reflected in its widespread solution. Geox is proudly offering rubber-soluble shoes that breathe legs. Their shoes are directed to health-conscious consumers, allowing the innovative holes in rubber to breathe in the foot while protecting from the outside moisture.

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