Geox MONER W 2FIT COFFEE  Mens

    Price: 140$

    • Color: COFFEE
    • High: full grain skin
    • Lining: Full grain skin - microfiber
    • Single: Rubber
    • Double Fit Tech
    • Anti Slip Outsole
    • Roomier Fit
    • Italian patented pierced breathable sole lightweight and waterproof.

    Versatile loafers with nice firmness, double fit, and easy to wear style. Non-slip rubber is flexible and very durable, and its exclusive joke percents ensure maximum breathability and ongoing wellness. 2fit insole provides a regular fit based on individual requirements. The skin lining and skin insole provide additional breathing and leave the feeling of feet all the time dry. Excellent grip through the right back thanks to the heels from Outlol Drives inspired design.

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