Geox NEBULA NAVY Mens

    Price: 150$


    High-tech men's Geox sniper with high-sensational lightweight design, brilliant cushion construction, extraordinary firmness, and outstanding stability. Suitable for office, road travel, retirement, or chill-out days, Ikon Nebula Snickers is a piece of multi-tasking shoes that provides an unprecedented level of comfort and wellness. Versatile and highly wearable, it is a modern innovative design that works well with the incredible combination of high-performance technology and a casual look. Made from cotton and soyaide in a navy palette, it is made only by a high and exclusive Geox patent and net-brewing-system technology made from waterproof materials, which together guarantee a great amount of magnificent levels. Lightweight and EVA are the only ones that push you on every step, it has an internally-breathing-system lining inside 3 networks and mounting insulin that helps in the improvement of the respiratory and cushion effect level. Outgoing hose makes for the weird walking curve, while the trim inserts three-dimensional rubber, guarantee a nice consistency and outstanding durability. Liability and hygiene lined in the skin due to, removable insole boost even more sensitivity to the sensation. Carefully controlled to provide uncomfortable levels, Nebula can be converted into a soft slip, which puts pressure on your feet when the pressure stops. Last but not least, fast and easy to close and close at the top slip is easy.
    Results from the combination of a modern design with maximum comfort, Nebula represents the peak of GOX technology.
    Designed for the journey of the world, perfect for any season, they naturally adapt to every movement of the feet. These perfect shoes for those who love to travel with style and personality without comfort from comfort. Their wear like walking on a cloud.
    The combination of net respiratory system and internal respiratory system equips the shoe with 360 ° breathing, also the special linen that supports temperature control on the legs. Most flexibility, stability, comfort, and consistency are guaranteed by all 3D performance units.


    The superiority of Geox technology that coordinates our intestinal breathing and our net respirator: With a special membrane and big hole in the signature, Nebula ™ ensures total breathing.

    Reliable low level and higher permeability

    Comfort, stability, a curious effect, quickness, and breathability. Our Nebula ™ technology provides outstanding performance levels and is always an ideal piece of footwear for the traveler.

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