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    The men's breathable loafer with a wide comfortable toe. New Damon has been given the exclusive account of exclusive Geox-patented holes, which provides a great deal of comfort with outstanding comfort levels due to incredibly breathable design. Leather lining and intestine enhance the delicate sensation of dryness when lightweight rubber makes a great part of the footwear with a solid firm firmness. With an old elegant clasp, the upper spiral plain cut from brown leather and conveys a perfect vibe, it makes it ideal for ceremonial occasions.
    Classic Geox Rubber is based exclusively on an exclusive patent: The only and resistant breathing and waterproof membrane combination of the hole allows for natural temperature control, making the perfect microclimates inside the shoes, which keeps the feet dry and comfortable for the whole day.

    Basic Patience Shah

    Our exclusive patented Geox technology is a hinged sole and a resistant breathable waterproof membrane combination so that the feet can breathe normally.

    Amplitude and Compromise

    Geox's patent technology translates into the same trash of rubber without the same comfort level and overhead feet.

    How do you wear it

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