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    How to measure your girl's foot length

    The size measured in the standing position is the most correct. If the girl does not stand, measure it with the foot fully extended. Some babies have the habit of rolling their toes. Mommy can wait until the girl is asleep, gently straighten the girl's toes, and then use the cloth to measure.

    When measuring, you can draw a line on the paper, put the girl's foot on the paper and align the line. Make a mark on the front of the thumb and the back heel. Then measure the length of the girl. The feet are long. Here, we must especially remind you that if the girl has a commonly known "Greek foot", that is, the second toe is longer than the thumb, the distance from the second to the heel is the main.
    After measuring the girl's feet, the next step is to choose the size of the shoes!

    What is the size of the shoe?

    Why are the two pairs of shoes of the same size just dressed up, and the other pair is too small? In fact, the "shoe size" on the market is the length measured by the whole pair of shoes from the sole. As for the "type" we often say ", refers to the size of the inner space of the shoe. Therefore, the girl's foot length measured by Mommy, plus the reserved shoe thickness (about 1~2 cm), will be a relatively good size. The shoes want to be comfortable to wear, and the internal space of the shoes should be the main judgment.

    Mommy can also see if the girl's foot shape is slim or fleshy. For example, the girl's actual foot length is 10 cm, which is a fleshy foot type. The corresponding shoe length is sufficient, but the instep is worn. But it feels too crowded, then we have to buy shoes that are 1 or 2 sizes larger than the corresponding size.
    Need to reserve space for shoes?

    Each girl's growth rate is different. The age is estimated to be the length of the foot. The actual foot length, the child's foot lice grow about 1 cent per half year, almost every month will become bigger! Switching to 3 sizes of shoes is a consumable item for your girl's daily life.

    A good pair of shoes to wear, the most important thing is to fit the girl, you must let the girl fully stretch the toes. Some mothers try to insert a finger after the girl wears shoes as a basis for reserving the shoe space. However, the length of the girl's foot is actually very small. It is not very accurate to use the finger as a measuring tool. Shoes that are too big or too small are not conducive to the development of the girl's footsteps. The girl will feel uncomfortable, walking easily falls, or becomes annoying. Walking, the cat mother suggested that it would be better to use the precise centimeters as the benchmark for the reserved shoe space.

    After reading the above instructions, are the moms already aware of the eyebrows that help the girl buy treasure shoes? Pick up the pen and ruler and measure how big your girl's feet are. I look forward to the girl wearing your favorite shoes and shoes, the day of walking!

    The contents of the above terms are all from the network, all of which are based on the original author's point of view and are for reference only. They do not represent the position of Jingdong. Thank you for your support of Jingdong. I wish you a happy shopping!

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