• La Roche Posay Toleriane Daily Soothing Face Cream

    La Roche Posay Toleriane Daily Soothing Face Cream

    Price: 28.99$

    Watch the weather report these days
    I saw a red fire hazard warning.
    Indicates that the weather is getting drier,
    For my sensitive muscles,
    And then face the challenge of high-risk allergy...

    This early autumn accompanied me

    For many years, I am a loyal practitioner of La Roche-Posay.
    Every time the skin is sensitive,
    The first time I think of this brand..

    Adhering to La Roche-Posay's non-additive simplicity ingredients,
    Contains no preservatives, Paraben, spices,
    Alcohol, pigment, lanolin,
    Exclude all potential irritating or allergenic substances.

    Made in France,
    The package is printed with the expiration date.
    Contains LA ROCHE-POSAY g water,
    Soothing and anti-free radical effect,
    Active polymeric peptide anti-inflammatory effect,
    Effectively soothes and improves skin's sensitive symptoms.

    100% vacuum sealed push pump,
    Ensure purity and hygiene.

    The texture is milky white cream.
    Immediately after pushing open, a layer of transparent water lock is formed.
    The touch is more moisturizing and moisturizing.

    I tried it for a whole month.
    There can be plenty of time to prove its anti-allergic effect.

    Day 1 - 5 cheeks reddish in the first few days,
    Water shortage in the skin leads to enlarged pores.
    Starting with Day 7,
    The redness is gradually decreasing,
    By Day 12,
    The skin also reproduces the luster.

    Effective use of LRP prevents deterioration of sensitivity.
    Skin allergies are soothing,
    The change after the fight is actually not too big.
    But solved the problem of skin water shortage,
    The skin is more moist and full.
    Reduce the roughness.

    The weather is dry in the autumn before use.
    Increased skin water shortages,
    Cheeks are allergic to redness,
    The pores are more coarse.

    After using it for a month,
    Reduce skin allergies, redness,
    The touch is softer and smoother.
    Restores the skin's natural health.

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