• Best Diving LED Light Flashlight with Magnetic Control

    Best Diving LED Light Flashlight with Magnetic Control

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    The diving flashlight is a must-have for night dive. How to choose a suitable diving flashlight has always been what drivers want, but I don't know how to buy it?

    Buying those cheap diving flashlights will often find that the quality is not good, and the power consumption is also very large, the battery life is poor, the waterproof ability is not flattering and so on.

    So, what problems should we pay attention to when choosing a diving flashlight?

    Diving flashlight classification

    The water classification can be divided according to different diving standards! Different diving has different requirements for a diving flashlight. Freshwater diving requires a weaker shell for the diving flashlight because it is less corrosive and the fresh water is very clear, so the light is The lumen requirements are not very high, and the salt water is very corrosive. An aluminum diving flashlight is very suitable. Of course, the appearance of the aluminum alloy is more resistant to corrosion by the third-grade hard oxidation of the military.

    Time classification, Strictly speaking, the difference between night dive and sun dive is not great, but the bright diving dive flashlight is more perfect for night dive, because the night is the most active time of the sea creatures, and the plants and animals perform a silent symphony together. The daily diving may feel only general! As for shallow diving, the waterproofing and brightness requirements of the diving flashlight are not very high, and the deep diving requires the diving flashlight to be farther and brighter, because the danger is greater, and the danger is predicted in advance. Responsibility for life! Indoor diving basically does not require a diving flashlight, and it is best to have one outdoor.

    Use classification

    According to the diving use, it can be divided into scuba diving lighting flashlight, engineering diving lighting flashlight, fishing lighting flashlight, diving photography flashlight.

    Style classification

    According to the design pattern of the diving flashlight, it can be roughly divided into an integrated and split diving flashlight. The split-type flashlight lamp head is separated from the barrel body and connected by a specific insulated wire. The lamp cap can be worn or hand-held, which is suitable for different diving occasions and is more flexible and variable. For example, Britney's DIV09 and DIV10 are all split-type designs. In addition to meeting the needs of recreational diving, they are also qualified for technical diving such as cave diving.

    Figure by vision China

    Accessories performance analysis

    First: diving flashlight switch

    Magnetic control switch: The pressure on the switch port is limited, and it is easy to be infiltrated by seawater impurities. Some seal rubber rings are even susceptible to corrosion, so the diving depth is generally within 30 meters, and the service life is very limited.

    Rotary switch: Strictly speaking, it is equivalent to no a switch, it basically eliminates the Achilles heel of the switch port. It is widely used in high-end and deep waterproof diving flashlights, and the waterproof depth is more than 100 meters.

    Second: flashlight source

    CREE series LEDs are commonly used, and the most used ones are Q5/R5/T6/SWC100W. Lumens is a unit of light, and 100 lumens is about equal to 1 watt of high power.

    CREE Q5, the brightness can only reach 230 lumens or less;

    CREE R5, the brightness can reach about 350 lumens;

    CREE T6, brightness can reach 1000 lumens;

    SWC100W, the brightness can reach 10,000 lumens.

    Third: the battery used in the flashlight

    Different models of batteries have an impact on the brightness and battery life of the opponent's power, and the different numbers of the same battery also have a great relationship.

    Fourth: the barrel material

    Plastic barrel: Lightweight and flexible, but easy to age, it is easy to be corroded by sea water for a long time, and if it falls accidentally on land, the chance of scrapping the barrel is high and it is not durable.

    Aluminum alloy barrel: The weight is slightly heavier than the plastic cylinder, the flexibility is slightly worse, but it is very corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant! The price is also very expensive. The high-end brand aluminum alloy diving flashlight can fall freely at 1.5 meters, and the appearance of the military standard level 3 is hard. Oxidation!

    Fifth: flashlight lens

    Glass lens: good light transmission, but not resistant to impact, so be careful when using it!

    Acrylic lens: Poor light transmission, resistant to impact than glass, not ideal material!

    Bulletproof PC lens: good light transmission, and very resistant to impact, the hammer is not bad! But the price is expensive, the cost of flashlight increases, it is the most ideal diving flashlight lens!

    Purchase misunderstanding

    Myth 1: The brightness is not as high as possible.

    The first method is: flashlights need to tremble with strong light, from lamp holders to reflective bowls, batteries, motherboard plans, etc., international big brands and domestic brand-name goods, have undergone rigorous planning and inspection to ensure the use of life and safety.

    The second method is to remove the battery maintenance board and complete the voltage and current: overclocking.

    Therefore, a hundred yuan allocated flashlight is marked to 3000 or even higher lumens, the result is that the amount of heat is infinite, because the two do not match, resulting in repeated burning of the lamp and lithium batteries are often over-discharged. It takes a few minutes and often requires repairs, but the fire is caused by high glare and high heat.

    Misunderstanding 2: Misled by false parameters

    Many sellers intentionally or unintentionally imaginary illuminating numerical values, the original only a few hundred lumens of goods, was forced to mark 2000 or even higher, power is also common sense, such as 10W 12W or even higher false identification. The material aspect is even more ridiculous, and the slogans of Chinese characteristics such as the most bright lamp heads of foreign imports are constantly emerging.

    common problem

    Q: Is the diving flashlight waterproof?

    A: Under normal circumstances, a good glare diving flashlight will have a waterproof ring at the interface. The outer material is an aluminum alloy or the like and is substantially waterproof. But it is not necessary to be able to dive. Can do normal underwater 200 meters.

    Q: Is the demand charged first and then used?

    A: First use, wait for the light and dark points of the flashlight, and then use it after charging for 3-5 hours. The lithium battery is most afraid of over-discharge, please develop the habit of charging normally.

    Q: What should I do if the bulb is broken?

    A: The lamp life is 5W hours. If the accident is really bad, you can buy it in the electronics market. However, it is recommended to directly find the manufacturer to repair, generally there will be a warranty period, and some flashlight manufacturers' after-sales performance is also first-class.

    Q: Is the lithium battery over-discharged?

    A: The brightness of the strong light is obviously weakened and it continues to be used, and the battery is damaged. Even after a professional activation operation, the power will be significantly reduced, so please pay attention to the maintenance of the battery. It is best to partially discharge the lithium battery instead of completely discharging it, and try to avoid frequent full discharge.

    Figure by vision China

    Diving flashlight application notes:

    If you don't use it for a long time, you must take out the battery to avoid damage to the flashlight, and do not illuminate the eyes of others, which will damage your eyes. Non-professionals, do not disassemble the flashlight to prevent damage to the board.

    Diving flashlight maintenance precautions

    When using it, please perform normal routine maintenance on the flashlight so that it can continue to provide you with high quality performance.

    Diving flashlight routine maintenance method

    1: Wipe the flashlight with a clean soft cloth after each application.

    2: When the diving torch is infected with sea water or corrosive liquid, please wash it with water in time and dry it with a blower.

    3: When the lamp cap and tail cap are not screwed smoothly, please apply a small amount of petroleum jelly (lubricant) at the interface.

    4: When the flashlight is not in use, please take out the battery and store it in a cool place.

    Extension: underwater photography fill light

    The earliest diving flashlights were only used for diver lighting, while the underwater fill lights were upgraded from diving flashlights and belonged to a higher demand diving flashlight.

    The following conditions are required:

    1. The latest high-power original US CREE XML U2 with a brightness of 1000 lumens.

    2. Shorter than the original diving flashlight head, the light angle is 120, and the wider illumination range makes it easy to shoot complete underwater animals and plants.

    3. The color temperature is required to be around 5000K, and the captured image or video can be closer to the reality of the subject.

    4. Photography is a kind of capture, the beautiful picture is both available and not available, so it requires a higher battery life, 4 hours is just right.

    5. The most important thing is to have a dedicated connector and bracket for easy connection to underwater cameras for easier lighting.

    6. Using the maximum power of 100 watts 10000 lumens LED light source, it is the brightest professional fill light flashlight at night, just like the daytime.

    7. With three brightness levels, taking into account brightness and battery life, highlighting 10,000 lumens for 1 hour, medium-light 6000 lumens for 1.5 hours, and low-light 4000 lumens for 2 hours.

    8. And you can use brackets and connectors, there are special handles required, and the lighting is more free!

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