• At First Blush MEMI Makeup

    At First Blush MEMI Makeup

    Price: 16$

    Powder makeup blush is usually in the liquid foundation, after the powder cream, before and after the powder; liquid blush I use it to feel the best after the liquid foundation or powder cream, after the blush The face is lightly brushed with honey and it is very beautiful!

    In addition, the makeup of the blushing liquid is also better, the powder blush is easy to remove makeup with the foundation, and the blushing liquid makes the cheeks ruddy and natural all day!

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++
    This.....because I really like Tokyo peaches too recently,

    Next is my makeup with the natural ruddy feel of Tokyo peach.

    The makeup name is "Fantasy Pink Apple"~~ is a gentle and lovely makeup
    Do you like this makeup?
    I will find time to write this complete makeup step for the interested people to refer to!

    Thought I have to say goodbye? Nothing...I want to share the finale photo now.

    It’s a photo that I’ve been shocked to see myself.....the first time I took a photo of this feeling...

    I think the effect is not bad.

    I just said that this time the makeup is gentle and lovely?

    But I took a close-up shot in the natural light of our balcony...

    The feeling of "fashion and beauty"
    How do you feel about the above four photos?

    I am... I like it very much~~~ Hahaha (← again becomes a narcissistic fool)

    I didn't expect my balcony to help me to play so well~~~(Happy circle)

    Ok, ~~~ I really want to say "See you next time"! I hope everyone likes to share today~~^^

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