• Olight x7r Marauder Review 5 Levels, 3 Modes, 190 Lumens

    Olight x7r Marauder Review 5 Levels, 3 Modes, 190 Lumens

    Price: 59.95$

    table of Contents:
    First, static display
    Second, X7R gear operation mode

    Third, charging power and charging time test

    Fourth, multi-function test

    Five, extremely bright gear static temperature rise test
    Sixth, waterproof test

    Seven, static endurance/air cooling and cooling endurance and real-time illumination curve test

    Eight, outdoor combat
    Nine, use feelings
    First, static display

    1. Overall overview:

    The X7R Predator is a rechargeable, high-performance version of the Olight High Lumen Portable Flashlight X7. The X7R is a compact and portable lighting product that can be directly charged by USB, upgraded circuit, and output up to 12000 lumens. At the same time of high output, the X7R built-in temperature control system can actively control the temperature of the flashlight to suit the handheld; the head photoelectric sensing device can automatically reduce the brightness when approaching the object to ensure the safety of use. OLIGHT began using the USB Type-C charging interface on the X7R. More than that, more ergonomic designs have been added to the product, such as the innovative rotary charging interface cover structure, the barrel holding recess, and the hidden lanyard hole. Designed with innovation and driving innovation, X7R enhances user experience and improves overall performance. It can be widely used in outdoor, gathering, search and rescue applications where the long-term, the high-brightness output is required.

    Product Features:

    Ultra-high output: The brightness output reaches 12000 lumens, which is 33.33% higher than X7.

    Fast charging: 
    Use USB Type-C charging cable and interface to keep up with the trend of the times, and the charging speed is 3 times faster than the ordinary micro-USB interface, and it can be filled with 80% power in only 3 hours.

    Charging interface design:
    Innovative rotary fan charging interfaces protection cover design and retains effective waterproof function.

    Safe and reliable:
     When the flashlight head approaches the illuminated object, it will automatically drop to the low gear. The active temperature control system inside the flashlight can also monitor the temperature at any time, adjust the output to prevent the danger caused by high temperature.

    Ergonomic design:
    Concealed lanyard hole, comfortable grip, and finger matching position for more convenient and comfortable operation.

    Multi-function indicator:
    The bottom of the side button is the multi-function button indicator. Lights up during exercise or vibration, flashlight position in the dark; flashlight status (shutdown/on/on and on); and low voltage warning at any time.

    Light source: 3 x Cree XHP70 CW
    Dimensions: length 129 mm, head diameter 68 mm, barrel diameter 52 mm
    Weight: 665 grams (with battery)
    Material: AL6061-T6 aluminum alloy (main body), stainless steel (head ring, button ring, lanyard hole)
    Battery: 4 x 3000mAh 18650 lithium battery (built-in is not replaceable)
    Warranty: The five-year warranty comes standard with:
    X7R flashlight (built-in battery pack) x1
    Flashlight set x1
    Hand rope x1
    5V 4A USB Type-C Power Adapter x1
    0.8 m USB Type-C charging cable x1
    User Manual x1

    2, unpacking

    The X7R flashlight box is packaged in a disposable transparent plastic moisture-proof film package. It does have anti-fouling and moisture-proof effects in transportation and storage. It also ensures that the flashlight package that the player gets is new and complete. It is also the user who identifies whether the flashlight is used or not. The visual representation of the seal, in order to display more intuitive, the landlord removed the plastic cover before taking pictures.

    The front part of the box is marked with a description of the characteristics and usage of the main opponent. The OLIGHT logo is the most prominent. The middle is the X7R flashlight and flashlight parameters. The maximum luminous flux of 12000 lumens at the bottom left and 4*18650 for the lower right. battery.

    The back is the specific parameters marked in English. You can know some detailed parameters of the flashlight through the chart.

    The side is OLIGHT's English LOGO and manufacturer QR code and five-year warranty logo.

    A hanging hole is provided at the top of the box for easy hanging on the shelf. The barcode number next to the hanging hole, the so-called ID card, is the same as the number on the flashlight barrel, which can be used as the basis for the five-year warranty.

    Open the box, you can see the protagonist OLIGHT X7R flashlight, the box lining is also made of cardboard, simple and environmentally friendly and looks full of taste. OPEN on the left, inside is the manual and flashlight set and charging cable. The attached accessories are marked on the left side of the box, the details are done well, more humane. There is a ribbon under the flashlight to facilitate the removal of the flashlight, and there is a protective film on the head lens.

    Unpacking, this OLIGHT X7R flashlight comes standard as follows: one with a built-in battery, one with a flashlight, one with a 5v4A USBType-C power adapter, one with a 0.8m USB Type-C charging cable and one manual, a hand strap One.

    The OLIGHT X7R flashlight has good workmanship and is the right size. The OLIGHT logo is on the cover of the flashlight and is glued to the Velcro. The flashlight sleeve can be conveniently hung on the waist for easy carrying, and it is also good protection for the flashlight. This flashlight is made of nylon and is very durable. The velcro and shackle can be quickly and safely removed and placed in outdoor activities. The back has a belt buckle that can be hung on the belt. The hang buckle can be hung on the hook and climb. It is very practical to use on buckles and other objects for quick and easy removal.

    There are five deep heat sinks on the head distributed around the head on both sides of the switch. The heat sink is deeper, which increases the heat dissipation area and reduces the weight. The center of the head is CNC machined with a thumb positioning seat and a power position button. The button is also fixed with a blue stainless steel pressure ring for PVD treatment to protect and protect the button. The center of the button is made of transparent silicone material, which needs to be pressed with a fingertip. The pressure of the button is hard, and it is not easy to touch it.

    Second, X7R operation mode:

    1. In the non-locking state, tap the side button to turn the flashlight on or off.
    2, low, medium and high three common gears (can be remembered when extinguished): After the flashlight is lit, long press the side button, the gear will cycle in low → medium → high → low mode.

    3, very bright, super bright mode (no memory): non-locking state, quickly double-click the side button, you can open the extremely bright gear position, quickly double-click the side button in the extremely bright gear position to open the ultra-high light gear position. In the extremely bright, super bright position can be converted by double-clicking the side button, the bright, super bright position has no memory by default.

    4, slamming mode: non-locking state, quickly click the side button three times, open the flashing position.
    5, Moonlight mode: The flashlight is off, long press the side button, and enter the moonlight mode after three seconds.
    6. Lock key mode: Press the side button for the flashlight off state. After the light is on (this time is the moonlight mode, the side button should not be released), when the light is off again, it will enter the lock button state.
    7. Unlock the lock button: When the flashlight button is locked, the main button of the press button will light up, and the main button of the button will be turned off by itself, indicating that the button is locked. Unlock the key lock, just press and hold the side button, wait for the main light to flash, then light the main light, that is, unlock.
    8, low battery reminder: side button power indicator green light flashes to indicate that the power is more than 20%, flashing red light means that the power is lower than 20%, red light is always brighter than 5%, please charge at this time.

    Third, charging introduction

    The X7R flashlight uses a built-in battery pack (4*3000mah power 18650 lithium battery). It is equipped with a 5V4A charging head for the flashlight. It is connected to the flashlight using the USB Type-c cable. When plugging, the plug can be inserted into the female seat without any operation. Charging, the maximum charging current is close to 4A, the maximum input power is 19W, and it is filled from 0%-100% for about 3 hours and 44 minutes (measured), and the charging process consumes about 60WH.

    Fourth, special function display

    1. The function of filling the edge is popular. When the flashlight is turned on, it can be used while charging. Most of the rechargeable flashlights are plugged in to start charging. The flashlight circuit automatically turns off the output function after detecting the charging information, that is, charging. It can't be used for lighting. When the battery is full, unplug the charger to continue to light up. It is impossible to bring too many spare batteries when traveling, and the battery can't be used without a flashlight. The proud Thunder X7R only has a power supply. And the magnetic charger, in theory, can make your flashlight infinitely increase the battery life, the maximum charging current of the flashlight is close to 4A, the charging power is amazing, and the flashlight that can be used for charging seems to be not so big.

    2, intelligent occlusion type sensor switch test: When the large lumens flashlight is running in the high brightness, extremely bright, super bright position, a large amount of heat radiation will be generated at close range. If the distance from the object is relatively close, the surrounding objects Safety may have an effect, burn through or ignite! The X7R has added an occlusion sensor switch (no exact name, temporarily called it). This switch can sense the distance between the flashlight and the object blocking the light at a close distance. When the proximity of the flashlight is blocked, the circuit can be made timely. Get feedback (after repeated testing, feedback time is about 3 seconds), the flashlight will slowly adjust the brightness to avoid too close to the temperature and cause other safety hazards, when increasing the distance between the obstruction and the sensor switch The circuit will restore the brightness to the brightness of the originally opened gear in about 2 seconds, which is very helpful for improving safety!

    Occlusion sensor switch function display

    Five, extremely bright gear static temperature rise test

    The maximum luminous flux of the Proud X7R is 12000 lumens. The greater the flashlight power, the higher the heat generated by the extremely bright gear. The following figure is a simple test using a thermocouple electronic thermometer to enter the super bright light for 12000 lumens. The indoor temperature during the test is 31 degrees Celsius, the ultra-bright light position is 12000 lumens, and the temperature control automatic downshift test time is 240 seconds. (X7R flashlight super bright position is very hot, in order to display the temperature rise detail, the test is measured in seconds.
    Static temperature rise test

    It can be seen from the video that when the 12000 lumen position is turned on, the temperature of the flashlight head rises rapidly from 31 degrees, and the temperature is the highest at 120 seconds, reaching 52 degrees Celsius. After the extreme light shifts down, the temperature starts to drop, 150 seconds to 240 seconds. The temperature is basically controlled at around 47 and 48 degrees. From this point of view, although the OLIGHT X7R has an output of 12,000 lumens, its temperature control design is indeed in place. The internal thermal sensor detects the temperature of the flashlight in real time, and suppresses the high temperature of the flashlight by reducing the output, improving the comfort of the handheld, and doing a good job. Safety and details are well caught and more humane.

    Sixth, waterproof test

    The waterproofness of a flashlight is the key to the quality control of this flashlight. In actual life, it can't avoid rainy days. For outdoor activities, it is also inevitable in the harsh environment of high humidity or dusty sand. The sealing and waterproofing ability of the flashlight is essential to ensure the safe operation and longevity of the flashlight. In addition, a waterproof level is also an important option for buyers to purchase, so the general business has also used waterproof as an important indicator parameter.

    IPX waterproof rating standard (0-8), international industrial waterproof rating standard IPX and Japanese industrial waterproof standard JIS rating are consistent, a total of 9-8.

    Level 0 No protection

    Level 1 eliminates the harmful effects of falling water vertically

    Level 2 protects against water droplets falling within 15 degrees from the vertical direction

    Level 3 eliminates the harmful effects of spray-like water droplets at 60 degrees from the vertical

    Level 4 eliminates the harmful effects of splashing water from different directions

    Level 5 eliminates the deleterious effects of nozzle jets in all directions

    Level 6 eliminates the deleterious effects of powerful jets on all directions

    Level 7 The top is 0.15 - 1 meter from the water surface for 30 minutes, the performance is not affected, no water leakage

    Level 8 The top is 1.5-30 meters from the water surface for 30 minutes, the performance is not affected, no water leakage

    The Proud X7R flashlight refers to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) flashlight standard. The IPx7 waterproof rating refers to the waterproofness of continuous immersion in water. The top of the test object is 1.5-1 meters away from the water surface for 30 minutes. The performance is not affected and the water is not leaking. Into the water. The flashlight is tightly screwed into the water, the light is turned on and the shifting operation is performed, and then it is allowed to stand for more than 10 minutes, and then taken out. There is no water inflow, and the performance is still intact.
    Through the actual measurement, this flashlight can be used in heavy rain (IPX7 waterproof on the flashlight box, can be used in shallow water continuously for a long time. Due to limited test conditions, I wrote my own measured waterproof effect, only close to IPX7 Level), below is the HD real shot video to watch.

    water-proof test

    Third, static endurance/air cooling and cooling endurance and real-time illumination curve test

    The endurance illumination curve test is divided into two parts. The first part is the static endurance and real-time tracking illumination curve test. The second part is the forced air cooling and cooling and the real-time tracking illumination curve test. The main test is that the X7R super bright position does not reach the temperature control threshold. In the case of how long the battery life and the instantaneous illuminance curve, this X7R air-cooling curve has not been done at present. The manufacturer has only tested the indoor windless environment at 20 degrees Celsius. In order to restore the outdoor scene, I have to test it. Using the illuminance meter in hand, tracking records in real time, the domestic case should be regarded as the first case (it is estimated that no one is as boring as the landlord), and there is not much to say on the graph.

    Note: The horizontal direction of the graph is time data. Since the illuminometer is set to sample once every 6 seconds, the number 100 means 10 minutes, and so on.

    1. Extremely bright position static endurance test

    Proud X7R illuminance real-time tracking test: indoor ambient temperature 31 degrees Celsius without wind, fully charged flashlight, after standing for 3 hours, turn on the flashlight to conduct the online measurement. (Note: The height of the flashlight tied to the tripod is 1.0 m, the distance meter is 100 ± 2 cm, and the elevation angle and horizontal movement are adjusted to make the maximum value of the illuminance meter, then the flashlight is locked).
    The first picture is the voyage illuminance map of the proud X7R super bright position, from open to bright → downshift → extinction, battery life is about 175 minutes. (The blue part of the left data bar is the time from the gear illuminance)

    Open the extremely bright position 12000 lumens, the initial illumination reaches 42000lux, the illumination at 38 minutes is 13000 seconds, then the illumination decreases linearly, that is, the temperature control reduces the output processing, and the 12000-lumen position is about 90 seconds. Extremely bright position illuminance value and running time data are tested at room temperature 30 degrees Celsius, no wind conditions, the data is for reference only, the ambient temperature and heat dissipation conditions will affect the actual running time of the extremely bright gear position)

    Nine, use feelings

    X7R with three XHP70 LED lamp beads, aluminum orange peel light cup, built-in four 3000mah high discharge rate lithium battery for 20A discharge; improved luminous flux and long-range distance based on X7; head blocking type sensing device It can automatically reduce the brightness according to the occlusion situation to ensure safety, and automatically restore the original brightness when the occlusion is canceled; the 5V4A charging head can be used to charge the battery from 0% to 100% with the USB Type-C charging line for 3 hours and 44 minutes, and the charging speed is quite fast; The three CNC machined finger grooves are ergonomically handled, as well as concealed lanyard holes, rotary seal tail covers, and additional side buttons and multi-function indicator lights. As for the controversial place, the built-in battery pack is not removable for non-professionals. In fact, the X7R supports the function of edge flushing. It is possible to have a battery pack outdoors without worrying about the battery life problem. In addition, the charging speed can be replenished at any time and anywhere. Of course, charging with a backup battery pack should consider the conversion efficiency during charging, and the efficiency is not too high, but the structure of the high-powered battery pack is complicated, and the external battery pack has drawbacks, and the power is large, and the resistance is required to be minimized for each contact link. It is difficult for the group to meet the requirements. In addition, if the internal resistance of the external battery pack is inconsistent, it will be very easy to damage the battery during use.

    Overall, the X7R flashlight has uniform light output and powerful floodlighting effect, which can meet the needs of medium and short-range large-area lighting, and can be widely used in search and rescue. Other humanized designs are also a little warmer in use. As a relatively well-developed flashlight, the X7R is indeed a rare outdoor killer.

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