• Shoulder Round Neck Irregular T-shirt

    Shoulder Round Neck Irregular T-shirt

    Price: 15.95$

    Cotton and linen used to be the main material of the literary and female women's clothing, but this year's T-shirt has a lot of cotton and linen material. Why are cotton and linen cool? First of all, cotton and linen not only have the water absorption of cotton, but also the hardness and breathability of hemp. And the most important thing is that cotton and linen material is more textured. A nice and textured cotton and linen T-shirt that not only puts on but also gives a clean and comfortable feeling.

    Summer has arrived, the weather is getting hotter, and the good-looking collection has selected 30 cool and cool cotton and linen T-shirts. Choose a good cotton and linen clothing. The quality cotton and linen will turn this summer into a hot wind. The coolness of the body can bring you a good mood this summer.
    No matter what season, a white T is enough. I really don't know what to wear this summer, so wear a white T-shirt? The key is how to choose a white T-shirt? Which type of collar is right for you? Today, I will summarize four white T-shirts, one is a large round neck, one is a medium round neck, the other is a small round neck, and the other is an off-the-shoulder collar. These four are usually white T It is very common in shirts. Let's analyze it one by one.

    First, a medium round neck white T-shirt
    Summer new cotton and linen printed short-sleeved T-shirt
    The selection of high-quality cotton and linen from Xinjiang is softer than ordinary cotton and linen, and it is twisted into yarn.
    Medium round neck T-shirt featuring a small round neck and a large round neck. Some girls think that the white T of the small round neck will be suitable for girls with smaller faces. They will think that the round neck will be a little sexier and not suitable for everyday wear. It is very suitable to choose a medium round neck.

    Yes, medium round neck T-shirt:

    1: Suitable for most face types. Not picking people.

    2: Not very sexy, moderate, but the most suitable type of people!!

    3: The medium round neck has a moderate opening, which is usually worn, worn on work or worn on many occasions.
    New literary printed cotton and linen long-sleeved T-shirt
    A selection of high-quality cotton and linen, soft to the touch, cool and breathable.
    Recommended reason: a both inside and outside, fat and thin people wear a good-looking, can wear a big name of the Bellows gas field everyday T. Designer's favorite UV collar, the infinitely long neckline, looks chest Have a look. The fabric is breathable and cool, avoiding closeness, thus effectively covering the fleshy belly and the shape of the gas field.
    Cotton and linen literary embroidery seven-point sleeve T-shirt
    The door of the 4 pearl buckles cleverly reveals a small V-neck, beautiful water-soluble openwork embroidery on the front and cuffs, revealing a fresh and elegant temperament.
    Recommended reason: self-cultivation, comfort. And the sleek one, the collar opening is very moderate, slightly revealing the collarbone, but not too exposed. Very suitable for going to work, you can also do it inside.
    Fashion cotton and cotton T-shirt
    Print the hot collar, give the skin more care, and refuse the trouble caused by friction. Flexible needlework, clean and slender contrast line embroidered, the details bear witness to quality.
    Recommended reason: very pure white is not exaggerated, it can be used with all the skirts or trousers neckline to make the cuffs and hem of the hem. Freedom is very good. The back collar is designed with two buckles, which can adjust the tightness of the neckline freely. Pure cotton fabric, comfortable and soft, breathable and easy to look, but the work is quite complicated.

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