• Tenergy 11.1V 5500mAh LIPO Rechargeable Battery Pack

    Tenergy 11.1V 5500mAh LIPO Rechargeable Battery Pack 

    Price: 79.99$

    In order to save money, in order to protect the environment, 
    we often purchase rechargeable batteries to replace the consumption of carbon-zinc batteries and alkaline batteries. 
    However, the most common problem is 
    how to charge a few times without filling up?
    First of all, we must first understand 
    that the common rechargeable batteries are Ni-MH (nickel-hydrogen) or Ni-Mn (nickel-manganese) batteries 
    . The concept of 
    charging and discharging is that the charging should be fully charged and the discharge should be completed
    before it can be maintained. Battery life to avoid memory effects
    What is the memory effect? 
    Simply put, suppose that with a No. 3 rechargeable battery, the capacity
    is usually around 2000~2500mAh. 
    When we use the power to the remaining 800mAh, 
    maybe our remote control car? It has run very slowly and has no
    power. ~ Naturally, 
    when we charge, we will get the charger to charge. 
    At this time, the charger will think that this battery only needs to be charged at 1200mAh. When it is 
    used again, it may run to 500mAh 
    and then charge it again. The same thing thinks that charging 1200mAh is full, 
    but in fact, only charging 1700mAh (charged not enough) 
    several times, only feels that the battery storage capacity is getting lower and
     lower and the manufacturer claims 1000 charge and discharge life, actually seems to use A few 10 times and it is not enough. 

    In fact, 
    it is really important to choose the charger!! The
    the charger is advertised as a fast charge!! The high current isactually very bad for the battery~ It needs to becharged quickly. The current must be large and the currentwill increase. The temperature of the charging will increase. The temperature is a big killer of the battery. It is so
    high temperature, especially we usually put it on the charger all day. 
    When you want to use it, you will think that you have to take it down. 
    This is the most harmful to the battery!! 

    In this store, you should recommend a forum to evaluate the highest charger 
    has five major functions.
    1. 4 charging independent electric slots, each electric slot can freely choose the charging current, from 0.1A to 2A can be set to meet the urgent needs of users, or do battery maintenance, the general charger is a fixed current, no choice! !
    2. Update/analysis function: It can accurately analyze and detect the effective capacitance of each battery. For example, a 2500mAh rechargeable battery may have an actual capacity of 1800mAh after several uses. The charge analysis function can not only detect the effective capacity of the battery but also help to break the memory effect (update the battery).
    3. Activation: A battery that has not been used for a long time loses its chemical activity. The activation mode awakens the sleeping battery through a low current slow charging and a slow discharge cycle and restores the active capacity.
    4. Discharge: The above example, suppose we have a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, it may use 800mAh left, it feels that the remote control car is not running fast. At this time, the discharge function can be used to discharge the remaining power of the battery to avoid the battery memory effect.
    5. Cyclic function: After charging, discharging, charging and discharging, in addition to increasing the activity of the recovery battery, it can also help to break through the memory effect of the battery.
    Is it ~~~~ 
    Don't blame the rechargeable battery is too bad. The general
    charger does not have these functions. 
    Generally, the charger can only be charged. Some of the worse ones are the dual-slot shared current (the one must be charged at the same time) A 
    little better, lets you have a discharge function. 
    But which charger can tell you exactly what the effective capacity of the battery is?
    Which charger can let you choose whether the charging current is fast or slow? 
    These two functions are enough to play趴 The opponent has a 
    more paradox analysis, how powerful is the function of activating the battery
    Now ~ collect the rechargeable batteries that you are 
    going to throw away and save them with Tenergy 11.1V 5500mAh LIPO Rechargeable Battery Pack  !!

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