• Women Cross Back Lace Trim Top

    Women Cross Back Lace Trim Top

    Price: 17.49$

    Product Description

    • 100 percent polyester
    • banat
    • Pull off
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    • Your favorite shorts, leggings and skinny jeans wear, tunic, Cardin, coat, jacket with layer easy
    • Season: Summer, Spring Gender: Women's Occasion: Casual, Party, Material: Shape Pattern Type: Solid Style: Casual, Sexy
    • Plate length: Sleeve fit: Thickness traveling Thickness Thickness: Standard weight: 100-150g
    • To confirm your order, please read the chart given in the description below.

    1. It is durable enough for high-quality materials, your daily wear

    2. Fashion, the hollow design makes you more attractive

    3. Designed, comfortable, summer makes you more attractive

    4. breathable and elastic, so you wear more comfortable

    5. Party, daily, great for personality, I'm sure you like it!

    I remember the movie I watched at the cinema for the first time in my childhood. It was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. At that time, when I was horrified at the magical world of magic, I would also secretly think - "The clothes of foreigners look good!"

    When I grew up, I saw a very old VCD on the cover of the nearby renting room. The name of the movie, Frankenstein, was printed on it.
    The costumes worn by the characters once again surprised me. The Duke’s clothes were tailored and elegant, and the Duchess’ clothes were graceful and exquisite. After watching the movie, my fear of Frankenstein was quietly taken away by the curiosity of European dress.
    Victorian clothing is exquisite and memorable. Next, we will talk about the Victorian era aesthetic.
    Some of the film and television works we have seen in the UK are very strong, such as the Harry Potter series, The Holmes series, and so on. The era of the film set is mostly in the Victorian era, and their clothing has a common point in many places. Therefore, we study the Victorian costumes and carry out the things in order to do the cultural bottom layer in order to better design related things in the future.
    First of all, the Victorian costumes are divided into five periods: the Romantic Period, the New Rococo Period, the Basil Period, the "S" Period, and the Hobble Skirt Period. Today we will introduce you to the first half of the Victorian era, the "Romantic period" and the "New Rococo" period.
    Beginning with the "Romantic Period" (1825-1850), this period began in the 18th-century Western European art, literature and cultural movements, which occurred around the beginning of the industrial revolution in 1790.
    Applying the current words, 80% of women in that period were “green tea” and “white lotus”. Why? Let's take a look at the normal state of women at that time: women in the social world often carry a medicine bottle with them. They use their hands to smear their tears or cover their mouths gracefully. They are so delicate and graceful, as if they have been sick for a long time, they can't help but wind. Therefore, women's wear also creates an elegant atmosphere full of fantasy. In fact, they do not blame them for their root cause. Because women’s social status is low, they must cater to the male-to-female aesthetic tendency at the time. These artificial creations are also for those who are arrogant.
    The standard of women's clothing in the romantic period is composed of underwear, skirts, and jackets. I will introduce the components of women's wear from the inside out.

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