• Carolina Boots - Free Shipping, Great Prices

    Carolina Boots - Free Shipping, Great Prices

    Price: 171$

    The mixture of comfort and protection that is a hard, hard job. These boots keep you safe and comfortable for a long stretch of foot and a wide steel hose for long stretches.

    • Dark Oak Pioneer Skin Top
    • Steel safety toe cap
    • Extra thick pillow cushion ™ feet
    • Losing electrical hazard
    • Steel shank
    • Welt Construction
    • Oil-resistant Polyurethane Airthrust Wedge Outsole
    • Soft Tweak version: CA8049


    Steel Hose - Shoes that meet or exceed the ASTM standard for compression and impact test ratings of I-75 / C-75.

    Electrical hazard - Footwear tested by an independent lab that can prevent 18,000-volt applications at 60hz for a minute without leakage

    Pillow cushion - a layer of memory foam that wraps the legs comfortably. Combined with the existing insole system, it offers the ultimate cushion comfort.

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