• Carolina WELL X COMP TOE : DARK BROWN - Mens

    Carolina WELL X COMP TOE: DARK BROWN - Mens 

    Price: 181$

    Men's 12 "Waterproof Composite Hose Wellington Logger

    • Taut Crazy Horse Leather High
    • Composite Safety Toe Caps
    • Waterproof Skubillin ™ ™
    • Mesh Lining
    • Removable AG7 ™ Polyurethane Football
    • Losing electrical hazard
    • Triple-rib steel cone
    • Skin Enamel Construction
    • Vibram® One-Piece Rubber Outsole
    • Soft Tweak version: CA9031


    AG7 ™ - the highest quality polyurethane comfort system built with advanced arch support and a patented moisture management system!

    Vibram® - Vibram® brand is used for high-quality soling products in the mug, outdoor and service footwear. VIBRAM® and yellow octagonal label Vibram SPA of Italy. There are registered trademarks. North American builder of Vibram® Soling products under the exclusive license of Quaboag Corporation, North Brookfield, MA, exclusive license.

    Waterproof Skubillin ™ - Carolina's Exclusive Ownership Waterproof Lining System

    Composite toe - A non-metallic protection organ for steel not suitable environment. Reducing cold-transfer in cooler environments and completing ASTM standards for I-75 / C-75 shrinkage and impact testing ratings.

    Electrical hazard - Footwear tested by an independent lab that can prevent 18,000-volt applications at 60hz for a minute without leakage.

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