• The Smart Garden 3 White

    The Smart Garden 3 White

    Price: 99.95$

    • Indoor gardens all year long: increase your favorite cooking herbs throughout the year without worries about weather conditions.
    • Disturb free installation and maintenance: Leave cartridges in containers only, put it in the container, refill the reservoir, plug the device and you're better off
    • Great selection of Pre-Seed Plant Capsules: Choose from more than 40 fresh medicines and fruits that are pesticide-free.
    • Smart rock technology: The soil uses patented nanotechnology to increase the growth of plant growth without the quality of the product.
    • 100% Replacement Warranty: This garden is supported by our 100% replacement warranty and our 30-day money back guarantee.

    Garden interior

    Love garden but your space is limited? Get yourself this self-water garden. Kitchen counter, window or living room, ideal for indoor use. Grow your favorite cooking herbs all year!

    Light and portable

    Keep it anywhere you want and increase your favorite plants and strangers. Perfect for Basil, Theme, Rishi, Parsley, Chillies, Cherry Tomato, Pink, Peppers, Flowers, and even Strawberries. Enjoy fresh fruits and wonders with no harmful substances or insecticides!

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